Friday, May 31, 2013

Operation Red Bikini-The Final Countdownnnnnn

Did you just sing that last part? If not, do so now. I'll wait.

It's that time ya'll! I crawled out of my hole just in time! Leigh Ann and I are hosting the official ORB link up and will pick a winner on Tuesday. We actually decided to have one grand prize winner and two runners up, because..well, why pick just one?!

There are no rules. All you’ve got to do is share your experience on this weight loss journey. You can go way back to when you put on the weight, or just start from the official start of ORB back in December. Can’t believe it’s already “over”. We’ve had over 2,000 #operationredbikini photos on Instagram in just a few short months. Go check em out and be amazed at all the determined ladies, their meals, their workouts, their sweat and even a few tears. I am so so proud of you all. Make sure to post lots of pictures. I looooove me some befores and afters…Durings too!

Now for the good stuff. Leigh Ann and I will choose one winner, RANDOMLY, to receive a huge Operation Red Bikini Prize pack. So if you didn’t meet your goal just yet, you still count. You’re still amazing. The point is that you tried. BEHOLD Operation Red Bikini swag:

Prize includes: 
Jillian DVD
3 Fitness magazines
Fresh Foods/Meal planning pad
Quest Bars
Justin's Peanut/Almond/Hazelnut Butters
Shot Bloks
Luna Bars
A Protein Shaker Bottle
Cute summer floppy hat
Beach Towel
Beach Towel clips
Box of Spark
Suntan oil/lotion
Beach mat with pillow
Insulated lunch tote

Link up HERE:

I encourage you to go through each post when you've got some time because I am SO SO proud of my ORB girls and I think the motivation they bring is amazing.

And not gonna lie, wish I was eligible for the prizes! It’s got tons of fitness-related stuff with some fun summer things thrown in. If you don't have a blog, you can still participate by entering in here: a Rafflecopter giveaway Two winners will be chosen to receive a Charly & Company gift card or a Body Love Apparel tank.

Three chances to win! 
And because I am so overwhelmed with everything in life at the moment,  you'll get my ORB "results" post over the weekend or on Monday. I may have crawled out of my hole but I mean don't expect a miracle!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Food is Fuel & Burpee Hell

It's me! I haven't blogged in God knows how long but to be honest, I haven't been able to manage my free time well right now because I literally have zero! It is what it is folks. I get off work, go to the gym, shower, eat dinner, do more work then go to bed. I know I could fit a blog post in there now and then, but when I go to think of what to post, I draw a blank.

I wanted to talk a little about where I'm at, and check in on all my #operationredbikini girls. We're almost there, ladies! How is it going? I've been keeping up with you all on Instagram, so even though I haven't been commenting much here, I'm still watching you! Don't F up! Okay kidding...But seriously, I haven't left the game!

I've talked here before about a million and a half times about how I constantly sabotage myself all weekend long (2+ meals per weekend) where I feel like I can cheat and just be fine. I do perfect all week long, lose weight, then gain it back on the weekends. We've all done this at some point, I just do it all the time. Something had to give, I just had no willpower, so it wasn't givin'.

I contacted Ashley Leahy, who created a custom meal plan for me, based on what macros my body would most optimally lose fat/weight with. I started following my meal plan officially last Monday. Despite a confusing (to the girl who sucks at Math and can barely use a calculator) high carb day, I've lost 3.2 pounds. That's great, but it has taught me something so important. I am finally looking at food as fuel, not pleasure.
 Food is fuel...
I had gotten to a point where I'd eat healthy till I craved something. I always gave in to the cravings. Now, my meals for the day are planned out the night before. I haven't really had any weird cravings since I started with the meal plan. Meals I eat at work are the easiest because I don't even have to figure anything out or log anything because it's all done. I just re-heat and eat.

I also haven't "cheated" since I started because I want to keep seeing these results, I don't want to let Ashley down (or, of course, myself) and because it just isn't worth it. All this hard work would be for what if I ate a cookie and a cheeseburger? Nothin'.

I want to stress...REALLY stress..that this is not a diet. This is not a quick fix. This is not "the new thing that my friend said really works so I'm gonna try it for a few days because I'm going on summer vacation". I finally get that this is a lifestyle. One day I'll get brave and create tons of recipes and figure ALL the macros, not just calories. Just not today. I don't have time right now, which is another reason this works so well. No thinking involved. I feel like Ashley is my cheerleader and her support is priceless to me. Cheeseball.

Plus, she's a Louisiana girl so what's not to love? Contact Ashley HERE and tell her Kassie sent you! 

I've also still been working out with my trainer and I'm feeling so much stronger! Some of the best money I've ever spent. I still stand by the fact that Burpees are the Devil's exercise, though. And they make me feel like an orka or a manatee flapping around on hot sand. It better make me look like a mother effin' mermaid though. A hot one!

(courtesy of my love muffin, Alex)