Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Running Post-It's Official

Happy New Year's Eve people!

Last night, I decided I better get myself in gear and book our hotel for the half marathon in February. It's New Orleans, it's Mardi Gras month, hotels are few and far between.  I may have forgotten to register for the half, too. I didn't really forget, I just put it off and put it off, to avoid spending the $119.00 registration fee. Wah wah, I'm cheap.

So last night, I officially made my payment and I officially can't chicken out and run in the opposite direction of the start line, straight back to the hotel to cover myself up to my eye balls till the race is over.

This girl is crawling across the finish line whether it takes me 3 hours or 4. I say that because that's the maximum allowed time to complete it, and I literally may be crawling across (must remember to pack knee pads.)

I am still a slow runner. But I am running longer distances than ever before, so I'll take it.

6 months ago, I couldn't run 10 minutes on a treadmill. I couldn't even run 2. My goal would always be to run a minute, walk 5. I didn't push myself, because I would never ever become a runner. I was too slow, too big, couldn't catch my breathe. I was over 200 pounds and miserable, even at rest. Then I reconnected with my fabulous friend, Leigh Ann, who had lost a ton of weight the healthy way, and she inspired me to become a runner. She told me about how her gym was starting a Running Clinic to train to run a 5k. Here was my chance. I started couch to 5k months before on a treadmill but never finished.

The day she realized the clinic was set up to run a 10k, she was scared to tell me. I had talked her head off so much about how scared I was for a measly 5k, that she didn't even want to tell me it was double that! I slowly ran my first 10k and could not have felt prouder of myself. I was on Cloud Nine for days. I can only imagine the high after crossing the finish line at my first half marathon. I say first because I plan to run several. And I will get faster and I will get better.

I must confess I have missed runs in my training plan. Sickness and the holidays got the best of me, but I'm back at it, full force.
I will run more. I will push myself. I will make me and my running a top priority. 2013 will be a good, healthy year and I cannot wait.
I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions. I will promise myself something though.
I will no longer cheat myself by quitting before my 3.5 mile run is up, by walking before I need to, by putting off my run till it's too late and it's time for bed. I will give it all I have and feel proud and strong through out this journey. I will have bad runs (Like Saturday's) and good runs, but I won't let individual performances affect my progress. I will get out what I put in and I plan to put in a hell of alot.
February 24th will change my life. I will participate in the New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I won't be standing on the sidelines, I'll be crossing the finish line. Are any of my readers running this one? Let me know! I'd love to meet you, and who doesn't want to spend a weekend in New Orleans?! We will be there from Friday afternoon (the 22nd) until the afternoon of Sunday, the 24th. Who's down?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Days of Christmas

That's right, three. Talk about Christmas hangover over here. I can't complain though, we had a GREAT time, and got to spend three days with three of our families. This rarely happens as life has gotten so busy, so I took it in as much as I could. (Warning, this is a long post)

Day one, the Sunday before Christmas. This was my family's Christmas. We hosted it in our tiny house and it was quite a hit, to be honest. This is when fat girl Kassie began, in full force. We did appetizers and my husband cooked a ham. I made "White Christmas Sangria"--get it?!!??!! HAHAHAHA! okay, I kid. I really did make it though, with 6 bottles of white wine. There wasn't much left at the end of the night and I was one of two drinking it so it's safe to say I consumed atleast four bottles that day. Did I also mention I was sick the day before? .

We picked names for Christmas this year because frankly, buying for every single member of the family costs too much. The two kids in the family of course got gifts from everyone. I picked my mom's name and I was pumped because I knew it would be easy. I got her a gift card to a local movie theater, a portable charger thingy you can plug right into your phone when it's dying, Saint's chip clips (big Saints football fan) and a Saints metal trivet to put hot pots on. My aunt pulled my name and I was SO happy with my gift. Check it out:

I mentioned to her weeks ago that the monogrammed silver necklace she gave me for my high school graduation is my favorite, but it has my old initials on it. She must've listened because I LOVE this bracelet.  My mom also got me an iPod Shuffle to run with! So excited because I feel like my phone is just too bulky with the Otterbox on. And this clumsy girl NEEDS an Otterbox. Next up on my to-buy list, a Garmin! I got lots of great gear from Santa too! He must know me pretty well.

I coerced my drunk family into playing Battle of the Sexes, a board game we got last year but never played. As expected, the ladies won:
And me and my love muffin (yes I absolutely call him that in real life and he loves it despite what he would say if anyone but me asked):
I took pictures of our food spread but they are posting all sideways and crazy so let me just say I ate everything I could, and more. I also made these bad boys for the occasion:
Butterfinger bark, recipe posted later. (Caution: DANGEROUS and not #operationredbikiniapproved)
Christmas Eve was spent with my husband's mom's family and Christmas day was spent with his dad's side. Sorry IG'ers for the double posts but I had to share this adorable picture again. S's neice Addisyn and I:
We also got to have my father in law's famous seafood gumbo. I may have had two bowls. This stuff is unreal though, yall. I swear. Loaded with shrimp, crab meat, crab claws and heaven.

Needless to say, no one went without tons of great gifts, great food or great company. We are truly blessed.
And uhhh... Operation Red Bikini was not in full effect since Sunday. Back at it again today though!
Second time I make it to the gym before 5:30am. Can I be an official member of the club, Lora and Melanie? I am also going back to no/low carbs this week until further notice.
That stupid scary grin and "five" is to show proof!
 The Red Bikini Gods must have been watching out for me though, because the day after Christmas, I bought a size TEN pair of jeans! I have been in a 12/14 for years so this is bigggggg news people! One day I'll be in a six, mark. my.words.
And last but not least, for those who have asked, it is not too late to join in on Operation Red Bikini. It'll never be too late. It all comes to an end on May 31st so you've got plenty of time hot mamas! Start thinking of your goals if you haven't already. Can't wait to see everyone's results and start sharing some of the prizes. Stay tuned....
For any posts you do concerning your goals, your journey to get there, etc. feel free to include this button, created by the talented Mr. Stanfield! You can do so by copying and pasting this code to a new blog post, but make sure to hit HTML in the upper left hand corner before you paste. Also, on Instagram, hashtag #operationredbikini for anything that relates. 

ETA: For anyone wanting to post the button on the sidebar of their page, just go to blog layout, select add a gadget, then select html/java script and COPY AND PASTE the following code:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Linky Link

My newfound soul sista, Sarah, over at Fueled and Aflame, is doing a link up today with Heather all about the holidays. I wanted to vlog it, but I went to this gym at 5:30am this morning (WHAT WHATTTT!) and ran out of time. Here are my answers:
What's your favorite holiday movie?
Does Home Alone count? I'm saying it does. I have never even seen any of the classic Christmas movies. I know, shame on me.

Do you have any special traditions? (See what I'm doing here?)
Actually, this year we are making some new ones. This is my first Christmas as a married girl, and the first Christmas my husband isn't actually working. Before this previous job, he was in the Air Force so those things combined means he has not been home on Christmas day in NINE Christmases. I wanted to be sure he had the whole day to spend with his family. See, we have my family, his mom's side and his dad's side, so splitting one day between three places would just be hectic. Normally, I just go to my family's Christmas and stop by his dad's on my way home. This year, we are having Christmas for my family at our house on the Sunday, his mom's Christmas on Christmas eve, and Christmas day will be spent at his dad's. I think this is the best plan, as it allows us to spend a full day with each family. I am hoping it works perfectly and it can be a yearly tradition.

What's your favorite ornament or decoration?
I have two. And I actually have pictures of them because I am a crazy Christmas tree lady. On the left is my very first Christmas ornament. S thinks it looks like a scary bald clown, but I will always love it! On the right is a Leaning Tower of Pisa ornament, obviously. It reminds me of our Italy trip and all those wonderful memories. 

Best gift you've ever received?
Probably my first car? My mom found a little stuffed dog that was holding a red velvet bag. She gave it to me and said "Didn't you always want a dog?" I thought she was just trying to be funny. Then she told me to open the bag and in it was the key to my car, which was sitting in the driveway! It was a used Toyota Corolla that I'd still be rockin' had it not gotten flooded in a hurricane. I miss that thing.

Worst gift you've ever received?
A Memory Foam pillow. Why? Because who the f wants a pillow for Christmas?

Favorite winter accessory?
Scarves! Boots! Sweaters! Tights! All of it, I love all of it. Sadly, most days in Louisiana have been in the 70's, but it's finally cold again today so you better believe I'm wearing a scarf.

Real tree or fake?
This is my first year since I was little having a real tree. We had a hand me down fake last year and I just felt it was too big for our house. I also wanted the smell of a real tree, but it is sadly not as strong of a smell as I thought. S may have caught me with my nose in the branches a few times..

When and how did you find out that Santa was not real?
I was playing with three of my mom's friends' older children and they said something about a gift they got from "Santa" and all started giggling before one of them said, "you mean your parents?" I played along and didn't ask questions but they continued to elaborate. I wish I could've believed in Santa till I was atleast 15 though lol..

P.S. I FINALLY have something up in the "My Journey" section of my blog, go check it out HERE.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Low Carb Week and ORB love

Morning lovies!

First I must say, I am completely overwhelmed with the response on yesterday's Operation Red Bikini post! This thing has blown up and Leigh Ann and I are both thrilled. I cannot wait to continue to share details, read success stories and show you all some of the AMAAAAZING goodies we have in store. We will be doing several giveaways throughout the months, since I know it's a long long challenge, 5 months people! I want to keep the excitement going! Plus, the winner of the challenge will get bombarded with shit tons of amazing stuff that I am jealous of! I want it all! That is alot of exclamation points!

Also, there were ton of you I wanted to reply back to via email but your emails aren't attached to your accounts, so I couldn't. Go in and fix that so you can get responses from me! I read them all, just couldn't reply to some :(

Now, on to big bad low carb week. Surprisingly, it's been easy. I guess I am so used to eating this way, that saying no to potatoes or rice hasn't been too trying. I did Ideal Protein when S and I first got engaged and it's pretty much a no carb diet, aside from a few nasty bars, puddings and powdered eggs. Blah. No wonder it works, it's horrible. It made me angry all the time. Not even kidding. And it was expensive. Every week, I'd go to the doctor's office that sold me this expensive dust food, come back to work with my bag full and my coworker would say "Oh you bought your mean food again." She was right. Never, ever again. I don't even want to tell you how much I spent all together on that stuff.

The bottom line is, eating as clean as possible and working out works. Duh. It took me a while to finally "get" it. But I did, and thank God! I have done every diet in the book: Atkins, Weight Watchers (which to me is the safest, but still expensive), Ideal Protein, etc. Not knocking any of them, but why sign up for them if you can do it for free? I swear by My Fitness Pal to keep my eating under control. If you use it too, friend me, because my diary is open to my friends. You can check out what I'm been eating for ideas. And for a few more ideas, here are some of my eats lately:
Egg cups All I did was line a cupcake tin with two pieces of ham per..cupcake hole? Anyway, cracked an egg into each and baked. I baked them a bit too long so next time I'll check them earlier.
Lunch out with my husband, grilled shrimp salad
Newly discovered sweet treat. 2 tbsp. Chocolate PB2 mixed into vanilla Greek yogurt (can substitute plain yogurt if that's all you have but you'll need to sweeten it with Splenda or something similar)

"Taco" salad: ground turkey, lettuce mix, carrots, purple cabbage, cucumbers and homemade salsa. So yum.

Another lunch out. Jason's Deli salad bar: lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, jalepenos, cucumbers and red onion. Ordered grilled chicken to go with it but it was yuck so I left it off and ended up adding a ton of boiled egg whites for protein.
My favorite low carb meal so far: Husband's beef potroast with baby carrots, bell peppers and green beans on the side. This was SO yummy for a girl who was "hangry" on her way home from work.
Going low carb for a week has forced me to get creative and somehow gotten me to love salads. I find myself staying fuller longer because I am making wiser decisions. A typical day looks like this:
Breakfast: 3 egg whites or two egg whites and a whole egg, turkey bacon and coffee
Mid morning snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: salad with a protein and another vegetable on the side (baby carrots, cucumbers, celery, etc.)
Afternoon snack: Think Thin bar (favorites are Cookies N Creme and Brownie Crunch, but trying Crunchy Peanut Butter for the first time today)
Dinner: protein and veggies, sometimes a Gluten Free rice cake if I need something sweet.
I think I will either rotate low carb weeks or days after we get through the calorie trap that is Christmas and hopefully I'll have better results. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Two more days till the long weekend...Holla for a dollllaaaa!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Operation Red Bikini-The Details

Morning everyone. I know it's about time I explain what "Operation Red Bikini" is all about.

As most of you remember, I ordered a red bikini a few weeks back. Why would I do such a thing? Because I'm half crazy. Because I needed motivation. And you know what's crazy? It worked. That's when Leigh Ann and I came up with this crazy idea to start a "challenge" if you will, among the blogging community.

Operation Red Bikini isn't about bikinis. I know realistically, not every single person will ever feel comfortable in a bikini. Hell, I'm not even positive I will yet. This can be about a pair of shorts. Maybe you have never felt comfortable in shorts above the knee. This summer, though, will be that summer. It can be that summer. Maybe you have never worn a sleeveless shirt. You hate your arms. This summer can be that summer. Operation Red Bikini can be about a one piece. It can be about a pair of jeans that are two sizes smaller than you are in right now. Red Bikini can be about whatever you want it to be.

I am not trying to weigh 120 pounds. I frankly don't feel like I'd look good at that weight anyway. (Plus, I'd have to eat blades of grass and dust to lose that much weight). I just want to feel comfortable and sexy and super duper hot in a two piece bathing suit. I am 25 years old. I feel like I deserve to have a summer (or three) in which I feel like a 25 year old. Carefree, comfortable and happy in my own skin. I've talked before about how even in high school I swam in layers. I stuck out like a sore thumb while all my friends pranced around in skimpy bathing suits while I looked on, jealous. That's over now. My latest girl crush and motivation is Miss Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce (pronounced bee-yons, because that's how I pronounce it every single time I say it, probably just to be annoying)
I feel like this body type is attainable. She's not stick thin, she's healthy. I  feel like I can get there, as long as I continue working hard. 

I may or may not have this posted up in my pantry:
Whatever works. Don't judge me!

Ok so now you're thinking to yourself, "you still haven't told us what the f this Red Bikini crap is about. Here are a few of the deets:

1. Leigh Ann and I have started a board on Pinterest that can be found here, full of  "Operation Red Bikini" motivation. If you aren't following yet, do so now. We both pin to the board and will eventually pin After photos to the board.We also encourage you to start your own board with this title. If you do, let us know! We'd love to follow along.

2. Once you decide what your goal will be (again, getting into a pair of shorts, a sun dress, a size 10, a bikini, etc.--remember, it can be ANYTHING) comment with it on this post, or email it to me at  When the challenge is nearing its end, we will do a link up on both Leigh Ann's and my blog where you can link up with a post you do about your journey to get to your goal, as well as a photo of you in your goal piece.

3. After the link up, all participants will have a week to vote on the best story or transformation. The winner will receive an enormous prize package including some of our favorite fitness-related products. When I say enormous I mean enormous. It will not only include tons of products but it will include plenty of fun summer accessories and goodies that you will all want. Trust me. I want them all. And there will be even more.

4. Follow both Leigh Ann and I on Instagram (if you aren't already) and we will post pictures of some of the prizes every week. So far we've secured some amazing donations from some of our favorite companies. If you have a product or connection to a product you think would be fun to include, let me know!

5. Any time you post a photo on instagram related to the challenge, use the hashtag #operationredbikini. We would like our winner to have been a participant for several months before the end of the competition, so start hashtagging! So far we've posted photos of food, workouts, etc. with this hashtag. There are no rules, as long as it relates somehow!

6. Whatever your goal is, post it somewhere you will see it all the time. I have my bikini hanging outside my closet door. I also have those Bee-yons pictures in my pantry, so it's never far from my mind. Show us where you post it too! Instagram that stuff all ova the place.

7. May 31st will be the last day of the challenge, when the link up will take place. I will of course post several reminders to annoy you all remind you. 

All that being said, please consider participating in this awesome challenge. Not only could you win a GINORMOUS prize pack, but the ultimate prize will be hitting that goal. That goal you always might've had in the back of your mind but never had the push you needed to get it done. This is that push. 

Peace, love and red bikinis,



Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Ramblings

First, I'd like to address the devastating tragedy that took place last Friday morning. My heart aches for those precious babies and brave school faculty members who lost their lives in a place that should be a safe haven. I can't even begin to fathom what the families of the victims are feeling and I hope that one day they find peace. No one should have to go through what happened Friday. Please say some extra prayers for the families and hug your babies a little tighter, every chance you get.

There's no good way to transition into my silly ramblings of my silly life in the wake of what these people are going through. I can say this weekend was spent with family and new friends, while those angels never left my mind. I felt a little luckier this weekend, that I had these people in my life. I felt lucky to wake up each morning because I know not all are so lucky.

That being said, just a little update:
Friday my husband and I stayed in and spent the night together, watching a movie and making dinner. I love nights like this. Love love love!

Saturday was nonstop for both of us. That morning, I had the second group run of my half marathon training. Over all, it was a good run. I ran for longer than I ever have before, without stopping to walk. I will absolutely confess to an ugly cry after the run though. I won't get too much into it, but I will just say I am having a hard time not comparing myself to people when we run as a group. I know, I know, you can only compete with yourself. It's just hard seeing people who are "natural runners" smoke you and you've been running months longer than they have. It's not their issue of course, it's mine, and I am working on just being proud of what my body can do. It started with just a tad bit frustration but the Farrah from Teen Mom Ugly Cry started when the trainer tried giving me a really exaggerated compliment because the other trainer told her I was having a hard time. I tried to escape to the bathroom but she followed me and all hell broke loose. I want to be faster, I want to be better. It will just take time. Thank God for that coach though. She really turned my mood around.

I started off running a 13 minute mile and the best I run is a 12. On a good day. When I'm running in the same direction the wind is blowing. Seriously. I thought by now I'd have gotten a little faster, but nope, no cigar. I never promised I wouldn't be a Debbie Downer, just promised I'd be real. This shit is hard, yall.
After I came home and showered, S and I went to do a protein bar run and some last minute Christmas shopping. We went to lunch at a place whose pizza I LOVE. S got a 10 inch pizza that I looked longingly at till it was gone and I ordered a really good grilled shrimp salad (again) but I was happy with it.
Saturday night the running group got together for a little Christmas gathering at one of the girls' houses. She made a huge batch of chili and we all just kind of socialized and got to know one another. It's hard to really bond when you get to the gym and take off running. We had alot of laughs and a great time. I just wish Leigh Ann could've made it! I scored two pair of these amazing socks that I love. They are seriously like running on clouds.
 Why was I touching my crotch like MJ? Who's bad?!
Sunday was an errand day and we did a huge grocery shopping trip to prepare for the week. I am doing low carb all week and hoping to finally get out of the 180's. You heard it here first folks, my weight has been revealed. Cringe. I will be posting some of my low/no carb meals for anyone who may be interested, some time this week and on Instagram. Follow me on there if you aren't already! My user name is evangelineevents.
This morning my husband and I had an early gym session and I did this workout. Man it was a killer. I hope I wake up tomorrow looking like Daisy Duke.
I will finally post details about the Red Bikini Challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Everyone have a great day!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday OHHHHH

Morning readers!

It's Friiiiiday! Today's good mood brought to you by the letter C. Coffee!
Coffee makes the world a better place.
Not much going on over here, other than thanking Baby Jesus that it's almost the weekend. I am finally jumping on the Elle Noel no-carb band wagon starting this Saturday. Need to stock up on my Think Thin's or this girl is gonna be hangry come 2pm every day. Think Thin's are a "safe food" because they are gluten free. I'll always love my Luna Bars but I'm interested to see how/if they effect my weight loss.
I have been embracing salads lately too, thanks to Miss Megan and after three days, I stopped dreading them lol...I do need to get more creative though. Any ideads? PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SALAD IDEAS! A few of this week's eats:
Grilled chicken, lettuce (of course), red onion, purple cabbage, carrots, boiled & chopped eggwhites, mushrooms and 1 1/2 tbsp. light southwest ranch dressing

Lunch out with the hubs yesterday (he will kill me for calling him the hubs), grilled shrimp, egg whites, tomatoes, lettuce and a little bit of cheese. Both bowls were ginormous even though they look tiny.
Next week I will throw in a taco salad with ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, red onion and salsa for dressing, but I still need ideas so I don't get burnt out. Send 'em my way homegirls! (yes, I just said that. I'm on a roll today)
I tried to do the bagged salad thing like Megan but the ones at the grocery store I go to were lookin' sad and wilted.
I've also added more fruit and veggies as snacks and not as many processed foods. I can tell I am losing inches even though I haven't lost weight in the past two weeks. AND I can tell my skin is clearing up big time. I can definitely work on drinking more water, but all in all I am doing pretty good.
Tomorrow is run number 2 with the Soul Sistas I run with. Four miles! I'm gonna make those four miles my bitch! (Okay I am just talking a huge game.) I hope to run a full 5k atleast, like I did last week. Getting stronger. Come on half marathon! Here's a picture, for your viewing pleasure, of my "cold weather once a year" Louisiana running gear:
(husband, if you are reading this, yes I stole your Air Force hat and long sleeve LSU shirt to run. I am sure he stopped reading this after I called him "the hubs" though, so I should be off the hook)
Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement next week. It involves one red bikini. That's all I'm sayin'. Once Leigh Ann and I iron out all the details, big things will start happening, and you all will benefit too:) Can't wait to share!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm back! (and wearing a medium!)

Good morning blogosphere.

A little recap of my oh-so-not-interesting life.

Half Marathon training has begun! We did our first group run together last Saturday and it was a great run for me. Now when I say I am running however many miles, it doesn't mean I am running the entire time. I will stop for a minute here and there to catch my breath and then keep trucking, but I had never run an entire 5k nonstop. Not even when I ran an official 5k race. This Saturday though, it happened. Normally, my brain stupidly tells me it's okay to stop for a minute after a mile. This time, I challenged myself to two miles without stopping. The silly thing is, I never really have to stop after a mile, it's just this mental thing I have. After two miles I was still feeling good and thought, "shoot for a 5k" I never stopped! I think once I did have to stop for a minute right after my running app told me I had run a full 5k, I let out a very loud "wooooooo!" The girl running in front of me turned back to look so I suppose it was louder than I thought. I captured this gorgeousness to show you all the many emotions running can cause:
Isn't the top left corner too hot to handle? Didn't think so.
Also tried this flavor Gu for the first time. I have never seen this brand (our running coach brought it) but it was the best tasting Gu I've tried. And I hate Gu. I'll probably stick to Shot Blocks or Chomps anyway.
My BFF (Best Fit Friend) Megan has been pushing me to eat healthier and keep running and working out. She wants me to wear that red bikini yall. Thank God for her, because sometimes she is just the push I need. I send her pictures of most of my meals (sometimes I am so hungry I am like a wild baboon pouncing on the plate and forget to snap a picture), and she sends me cute pictures with a thubs up or a huge smile to let me know I'm doing good. What a difference it makes! She has also inspired me to embrace salads once again, even though it's been a little tough. Yesterday, I ate a huge bowl of salad then passed this food truck:

A little about it. I have never seen this mythical creature in real life. I have heard about Viva la Waffle several times though. This truck serves waffle "sandwiches" with the most amazing things you'd ever put in your face hole. Some examples: A huge waffle, folded in half, full of nutella and bananas, this grilled. Yes. Yum. Another popular one is a fried chicken breast, ranch dressing, wing sauce and cole slaw. On. a. waffle. Drool. I have always wanted to try one of these carb and fat traps, but the truck is all over town and I've never caught it. The one day I eat a sad bowl of salad, I see this little bitch. Proudly though, I passed it right up and thought of how disappointed my girl Megan would be if I had snapped a picture of a fried waffle with french fries and bacon on top. No bueno.

A few of our exchanges:

And even though you've all seen this on Instagram already, I just have to brag one more time because I am SO EXCITED! Jessie Spano excited! I always grab a Large or XL by habit. Same thing with pants. Always go for a 14, sometimes a 12 if the pants are loose. I bought a large sweater in three colors a few weekends ago and had to return them all for Mediums! Yes that's right. I don't think I've been in a medium top since mid-college. I was so pumped.

I also had to return a pair of size 12 dress pants to TJ Maxx the other day because they literally hung off of me. Now, I still usually wear a 12 in most pants but it still felt good to think a 12 was too big. The smallest pant size I've been as an adult is a 10. My goal is to get to a 6 one day! And I will. Just wondering if any of you always go for bigger sizes out of habit even though you've lost the weight? I think that's something all us former fat girls (or in my case, working on being a former fat girl) will do.

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! 2 weeks till Christmas (aka 2 weeks till a few days off of work!)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Cheap Girl's Guide to Making Your Home "Holiday Fancy"

It's no secret that I am cheap. My husband teases me for not buying a shirt because it's $25 dollars. But I only wanted to pay $15! He has way more expensive taste than me, so I guess it's good I'm a cheap-o. If we both had champagne taste, we'd live in a VAN BY THE RIVER (any SNL fans?)

Christmas is no different. Especially due to spending obscene amounts on my godson's Xbox 360 games because that's what he wants, and I have no clue what 11 year olds like other than that. I still want our house to feel warm and inviting, covered from head to toe in glitter and cheer, though. This is where using your resources comes in. My mama didn't raise no fool. So, I got creative. If you've read my wedding post, you know I shit burlap. That wasn't called for, I know. But I really really love me some burlap. Poor S knew there would be burlap incorporated somehow, but he was actually surprised with how everything came together. Last year's Christmas was all red, but I wanted to throw in some sparkle and of course...burlap this year.

First I hit up Cheap-O Craft Heaven, AKA Hobby Lobby. All their Christmas decor is always half off. I bought about 12 glittered berry picks to stick in my burlap topper, mixed with last year's red feather picks and glittered gold:
Seven bucks total, thankyouverymuch.

I cut some of the burlap table runners from the wedding into 5 inch strips and made ribbons for the tree and mantle. I loved it but it needed color. My aunt found holly berry (not to be confused with Halle Berry) wrapped candles at a garage sale and bought them in case I'd be able to use them for weddings. The candle holders were pretty on their own so I ripped the berries off and stuck them in the tree and on the mantle. It added just the right pop of red.

I took to Pinterest for some more ideas. I was inspired by this pin and knew I needed a glittered reindeer in my life. It came out great I think!
Between the canvas and huge container of glitter, I think I paid $10.
All this left over glitter could not go to waste, though. Not on my watch! (sorry, I am very passionate about glitter..) So I found this on Pinterest and got to gluing.
Voila! Glitter clothes pins to hold Christmas cards! (And how cute are my friends L and D? They did a photobooth style Christmas card that I just loooooove.)
The clothes pins cost me $3 because I bought them at Hobby Lobby, but I'm sure you could find them at the Dollar Store for even less. I had twine left over from the wedding that I used to string it from.
Another Pinterest inspired project was the stars on the mantle. I fell in love with this:
and knew I wanted to recreate it. My mom coincidentally had 12 stars just like this sitting in her garage. I asked for a larger and smaller one only to realize they were white. Nothing a little spray paint can't fix.
Not a bad comparison huh? Again, I used spray paint I already had and the stars were given to me so this project cost me ZERO DOLLLAAAA!!
So, all in all, my decor cost less than $20 and I am so happy with how it turned out. Sorry for so many Christmas posts lately, but seeing this fellow yesterday kinda put me in the Christmas spirit:
Who knew St. Nick drove an Izuzu?