Monday, November 26, 2012


Happy Cyber Monday everybody! Are you making your debit card cry yet? I am trying to say no to all the wonderful sales out there but it's been hard to resist! I am about half way finished Christmas shopping so I am trying to save my moolah for that.

How was everybody's Thanksgiving? Luckily for Instagram, I was able to be jealous of what everyone else was eating, all while I stuffed my face with deliciousness too. This was my Thanksgiving plate:
Turkey, rice dressing (or what you northerners call "dirty rice"), green bean casserole, some kind of pecan sweet potato amazingness, roll and my granny's sweet macaroni.
Yes, the sweet macaroni that everyone cringed about on my Thanksgiving vlog. I didn't have much because I know the calorie count must be 9,000 but that shit is good yall. I made the green bean casserole. While it surely wasn't skinny, I did use fat free cream of mushroom. That counts for something right?! I'm sorry, but you can't be on a diet for Thanksgiving. It's just against the law.
I also made an un-skinny dessert. We had three pumpkin pies, a sweet potato pie and a coconut cake. When I heard this, I knew I was responsible for bringing the chocolate. I searched my Pinterest for an idea and decided on Brownie Batter Parfaits. Oh yes, you read that right. They came out super cute and pretty yummy. Plus, I got to use some of the 9 million mason jars I've accumulated from our wedding and others I've planned.
The best part was surely the brownie whipped cream. All you do is add a little bit of the powdered brownie mix to whipping cream and whip away. I could've eaten the whole bowl. And may have eaten several spoofuls in my kitchen.
After my Thanksgiving day "diet", I was back at it Friday. Got a run in every day of the weekend and some of them extended into walks with my sweet neighbor. Over all, I did great. I will confess that in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, however, I didn't do that fabulous, eating or exercising. No excuses now though!
A few more things:
Don't forget about the blog swap! You still have a few more days to send out your package. For those looking for things to send, it can be anything really. Doesn't have to be crafty, fitness related or anything like that. Just send fun things you think your partner would like! I received my package Friday and just loved it! More on that tomorrow.
My husband wants a leaf blower for Christmas. This is entirely no fun to buy. Any fun stocking stuffer ideas for men? Come on girls, I know you won't let me down!
I start half marathon training on Saturday. I am scared! 


  1. Counting calories on a holiday is not allowed :) That dessert looks sooooooooo damn good! I may be drooling while I type this.....

  2. YAY!!! I got mine from Annie this weekend - YAY! Post up tomorrow. Can't wait:) OMG I want that brownie thing...

  3. Dessert looks awesome. It is agains't the law to count on a holiday. With out a doubt. Can't wait to hear about your swag bag!

  4. I sent mine out today, but haven't received mine yet. And I agree dieting on Thanksgiving and Christmas for that matter, is a complete no no!! :)

  5. I just found your blog and I love it!! I would LOVE to do the blog swap but I think I'm maxed out on the spending right now due to the holidays, hehe. If you do another one, I'm there!

  6. That dessert looks AMAZING! I got my swag swap package today. I will blog about it ASAP. Also, my swap partner Heather, should win an award for the most amazing swag! My box was WONDERFUL... and she wrapped EVERY single thing!!

  7. I hope I get my swag box soon. I'm also dying to know if my partner liked hers!

  8. Glad you got back on track during the weekend!
    I'm all for sales and deals when shopping, but I haven't really done too much this year so far.
    You will rock this half marathon training!

  9. OMG! That brownie thing looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like your Thanksgiving was great!
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Haha i know what you husband wants a "really nice alarm clock"...REALLY HUN? LOL super cute blog! Im a southern girl too, found you at megans blog!

  11. OK i just realized we have been friends on MFP for like ever. THIS IS A SMALL WORLD. did you change the name of your blog??! I am so confused LOL!!!

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