Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Cleansing-Without Losing your Effin Mind

Well, I survived the weekend.  I am not gonna lie when I say I was slightly terrified to be on the Advocare cleanse during the weekend. Weekends are the main reason I've lost my weight slower than I could've. I have a hard time not splurging at every meal because we're so on the go, several meals are eaten out somewhere. It's of course easier during the week when we cook at home and go to the gym, but the weekends are a challenge. I vowed to go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday and not to "cheat" on the cleanse. And I succeeded!  Here's a run down.

Friday was a hot mess. It's the only day I strayed from the plan but it was totally out of control. I went to the AT&T store to upgrade my phone after shattering mine. They de-activated my old one, couldn't re-activate a new one on my account due to their mistakes, then couldn't re-activate my old one. This resulted in me spending 3 hours of my work day standing there. I couldn't leave till I had a working phone because I use my phone constantly for work. I hadn't eaten lunch. I hadn't drank even half of my daily water. I was workin' on a hand full of almonds, a rice cake and pb, and an apple. When I got back to work at 3pm I ate another hand full of almonds, some pineapple and tried to down some water. My husband was antsy to get out of the house and wanted Mexican. I didn't freak out. I knew just what I'd order. I got fajitas (which I asked them to grill in Pam) with a side of black beans and veggies. They didn't grill it in Pam but I just tried to shake off all the grease and oil as best I could. That was the only time I "cheated" all weekend and I didn't do it on purpose. If I had real lady balls, I'd have sent the fajitas back but I was on the hangry train so I made it work.
Sorry for the horrible lighting. The waiter actually said to me "Do you work for a restaurant?!" when I took the picture. No bitch, I photograph everything I eat for blogging purposes. Get off me.

Saturday I had a lot to do but  I was well prepared. My fabulous husband made us breakfast (eggs and turkey sausage) and I hit the gym for a leg workout and cardio. I then ran a few errands before coming home for a snack and to pee. Sidenote: This cleanse has me drinking more water than ever, which is great, but I spend 70% of my day in the restroom. S and I went to Sam's to renew our membership and got tons of fresh produce, chicken breasts, salmon and protein bars. Holla for shopping in bulk for way cheap! I love Sam's. We didn't get home till around 6 so we both showered and yes, went out to dinner again. I ordered grilled shrimp, catfish and veggies. This time they WERE grilled in Pam. I sadly turned over the garlic bread to S.

Today we spent the day watching S's niece play in a volleyball tournament. I thought she just had one game so I drank my Spark, ate some fruit and we were out the door. Around 10 I got hungry and hadn't packed a snack. Luckily, there was a break between games so I came home, boiled two eggs and ate a bowl of these beauties while I waited for them to boil:
 Sam's has THE BEST raspberries. I could eat them every day.

We headed back to the volleyball tournament and I ate the boiled eggs halfway through. Boiled eggs have become my favorite snack. I'm slightly obsessed. Well with those and with this:
I normally don't eat real pb because of the calories but I have had room for it in my daily calories count and I LOVE this stuff. Tastes just like regular Jif.  I eat it on a plain rice cake or with a banana or green apple.

The tournament ended at 1 and we were starving. I drank plenty of water all day but I didn't have any other snacks. Guess what that means? Out to eat yet again. I did great though! Grilled chicken and steamed veggies.
The pineapple had cheese on it but I scraped it off. And yes, I ate the pineapple too. I could've jumped face first on S's cheeseburger and fries but I was strong! And I hope the scale reflects it. It better.

I have still been counting calories on the cleanse just to keep my portion sizes in check and I've not gone over my calories at all. You really don't have to count calories for the cleanse to work, if you follow it to a tee. 
I got in an awesome cardio workout today which is a big deal because I did not feel like working out at all. I then came home and randomly decided to cook a good dinner for me and my man.

Not to toot my own horn but this meal was the bomb. Toot. toot. I seasoned the salmon with garlic, onion powder, a touch of salt and pepper. Squeezed a lemon on it while it was searing and voila, perfect. Quinoa seasoned with garlic, onion, and a little cayenne. I switch it up alot. I didn't use oil at all for this meal, just nonstick spray. I only wish there was enough to eat again tomorrow.

*For those cleansing/about to start, take my advice and ALWAYS be prepared. Keep fruit at work, keep oranges or almonds in your car. Keep packets of spark in your purse. Do like I do and  boil a dozen eggs in advance. Keep those handy too. Hell, keep a jar of PB in your desk drawer with a spoon. Do what you gotta do. This will ensure you don't make a bad decision. When eating out, do not be afraid to ask your waiter to make sure whatever you order isn't grilled in butter or oil. Pile up on veggies. Avoid chips or bread. Eat a small bowl of fruit before you even go out to dinner if you have to. It'll be hard, but it'll be worth it, and totally make you proud after!*

Now that I've bared my soul told you every second of my weekend, I'll end it by saying I am still loving the cleanse. Here's Kelly's info again for those wanting to try it. I've decided to do this 1-2 times a year, just for good measure. Look for my results on Friday! I can't wait to find out how many inches I've lost. I'm really feeling thinner!


  1. Looking good and good job on the eating out! Day 8 almost over for me! I feel so good and walked by some of my favorite junk food today and it didn't even look good woohooo!

  2. Dang girl you are looking good!!! Great job staying on point!

  3. you look fabulous! I just meal and snack preppered my whole day for day one tomorrow. the only thing ill really miss is my cherry coke zero :-(

  4. Those rasberrys looks delish! i really am loving you blog so much helpful stiff for my diet!

  5. Holy crap you look like you've already lost 20lbs! You are looking mighty fine you HOT little thang!!!!! Way to go on staying strong! it is definitely showing on you girlfriend!!!!! XOXO

  6. You look great, gal! I'll take your advice. Keeping some healthy foods handy around can keep you from eating junk food. It's all about convenience. Looking forward to getting inspired by you.


  7. Awesome job lady! Don't beat yourself up about Friday, I really wouldn't even call that a "cheat." I'm sure you're going to see great results on Friday :)

  8. You look great and you are doing awesome! I am pumped about starting the cleanse today! I am most worried about the weekends too but you did great!

  9. Hey! Thanks for giving us so much information - Im not doing the cleanse (what I am doing right now is working and I dont want to rock the boat - ha) But I am eating as clean as possible so this helps give me some ideas :) Thanks!

  10. Today is day 1 for me, hope I can be as strong-willed as you have been!! =) Thanks for all the helpful tips and sharing what's working for you! Very helpful info.

  11. WTG GIRL!!!!! I can't agree more with all your tips... I am actually looking forward to doing this AGAIN in May. AGH!!!

  12. I'm SOOO proud of you girl! You have given me such inspiration! I am on day one obv did you work out on day 1 even though it said not recommended? I can't decide! Your food looks SO good and you're doing amazing! I forgot to measure inches this morning! I better do so! YOu look amazing cant wait to hear your results!

  13. Awesome post!! You are doing such an amazing job! Keep it up!! :)