Friday, March 1, 2013

What I've been eating lately.

TGIF hot mamas! It's been a hell of a week and I am ready for some down time. Since I've started my new job, it's non stop all day then after work, S and I go straight to the gym for an hour and 45 minutes or so, come home to make and eat dinner, shower, watch one show then go to bed. I have to admit, as nonstop as it is, I love it.

Saturday I am going get my caterpillar eye brows waxed, running a mile or two with Elle Noel, yes I will eat her dust, and then spending the day with S's niece. She is going prom shopping and asked her cool aunt Kassie to go with her. Sunday my plans are to do as very little as possible.

Now, on to the food. I don't want to be annoying and blog about how everyone needs to do the Advocare cleanse, even though I think you should. I can't make you though. But, I can tell you that on day 3 I am not feeling deprived, I still feel full, and I've only had a few short moments bummed about something I couldn't eat. I don't think this cleanse is hard at all, because I've already been eating pretty clean before I started. Here's a look at yesterday and today's eats:

Breakfast-Advocare Chocolate meal replacement shake with half a banana and blended with water
Snack-two boiled eggs (I even ate the yolks! Oh my!)
Lunch-Spark (30 minutes before) turkey meatballs, no sugar added sauce and spaghetti squash
Snack-pineapple, one tbsp of natural pb
Dinner-Skinny Taste Santa Fe Chicken over lettuce

Breakfast-Apple, plain rice cake and natural pb
Snack-boiled eggs
Lunch-Spark (30 minutes before) Not sure yet! I have to go to a luncheon but I know for a fact their are grilled protein options and veggies (i will bring leftover Santa Fe Chicken for after if there's nothing I can eat there.
Snack-pineapple, raw almonds
Dinner-grilled shrimp, broccoli and roasted cabbage

Kelly sent me a couple of flavors of Spark to try and so far I've had Fruit Punch and Grape. I liked them both but the Fruit Punch is the bomb! I love it. It doesn't make me shaky or jittery at all. To be honest, it doesn't do anything other than make me feel full. Score!

I won't say anything about inches or pounds lost until the end but I will say I'm already seeing a loss! The main purpose of the cleanse is not a quick, easy weight loss fix. It's to CLEANSE out the toxins, obviously, which is a good thing. You should try it atleast once! I am thinking about doing the cleanse again with Keyona once she has her sweet baby girl.

In other news, I shattered the screen of my iPhone last night :( I knew it would happen eventually but boy does it suck. El-Cheapo over here would normally keep using it but it's so bad it gives me a headache if I look at the screen too long. Ridiculous! So I will go to AT&T today to offer up my first born and get a new phone. No new sunglasses for me like I planned. Womp womp.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and for those of you doing the cleanse on Monday, don't go all crazy this weekend! You will only lose all the crap you gained eating like an animal. :) I speak the truth. Love ya, bye!


  1. I'm loving the cleanse!! Never felt better and sleep like a baby:)

  2. AWWW, I so wish I could do this cleanse with all of you people! Once this baby is born and the doctor okay's it, I'll have to do it, sounds like a great way to kick start a healthy eating routine!

  3. You workout for an hour and 45 min a day???? You dear lady are a BEAST! Thats awesome... I wish I had that much dedication, I am a half hour to hour kind of lady....

    I am glad the cleanse is going well for you, I may start early too, as in Sunday.. the hubs gets home the 13th and I want to be able to be finished by then!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I am seriously considering this Advocare magic! And looks like you made the Santa Fe chicken...what did you think?

    Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend coming up! Enjoy :)

  5. Ohhhh all your food looks delicious!!! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend and enjoy that sweet run! Gonna be GE hottest girls out there!!!! Can't wait to hear your results!!! XOXO happy freaking weekend!!!!!

  6. I am starting my cleanse on monday i think.

    and you ate the yolks? ewww we might have to break up until ou stop that! :-)

  7. Did you post the Santa Fe chicken recipe somewhere? i think I missed it but I need it! Great job on the cleanse, you are rocking it!

  8. You go girl! You're kicking butt! I do better with a go go go routine. When I have downtime I usually eat cake.

  9. I can't wait to hear about your cleanse results! PS-I ALWAYS eat my yolks...that's the best part! ;)

  10. I start the cleanse on Monday..woohoo!!! Keep posting food ideas!! THANKS!!! Have a fab weekend!

  11. Ugh, so sorry about your phone. That sucks. :/ I agree with you that this cleanse isn't really hard at all. You get to eat plenty of food! And just like you said, I spent the week before eating like Miss Piggy having her last meal before her execution so I have some extra pounds to lose. Dang it! But really, THAT is why I'm doing the cleanse because I have let myself slip back into the old habits of grabbing crappy foods.
    Oh well, onwards we go!

  12. I'm so ready to start the cleanse on Monday. I've been on a 30 day eat clean no cheat challenge for 2 weeks now & I'm finishing the last 2 wks up with the cleanse. Can't wait to see your results.

  13. Thanks for sharing your progress and eats...I love new clean meal ideas!! Sorry about your phone though - I hate expensive phones!!

  14. Thanks for all the info. I just started following on IG (holliemj) I think I am going to do the cleanse. I just haven't committed yet. After reading yours and Angela's info I think I'm going to give it a try.