Monday, April 15, 2013

Can I get a recap?!

Good..afternoon people. I am a little late posting today but I figured I'd get a quickie in on my lunch break. Oh my.

This weekend was great, to say the least. We got in couple time, family time and friend time. Sounds like a win to me.

Friday night was low key because knew we'd have a long day Saturday. It was my nephew's birthday so we took a little roadtrip to go to his Ninja Turtle party! I hadn't seen my brother in a year so it was so good to see him and his family. His wife is due in June so I'll have a third nephew very soon.
The weather was gorgeous and the company was great. The kids had a fun jump and we sat under a huge tree in their yard for a couple of hours. Such a good day.

After that, we did a little exploring and went to Bass Pro Shop for the first time. Man heaven. I'm not gonna lie though, I wanted to buy a few things. We left empty handed but it was a good way to kill some time. We had dinner there, and I had my first buffalo burger. Have to say, it was pretty good. This was my planned out cheat meal for the weekend and it was so worth it. I may have cheated again, but more on that later.

Oh and Sunday, this happened:

I was never one to freak out about cutting my hair. It gets so long that I can't do anything with it, it falls out like crazy, and just looks nasty most of the time. I also wash it about once a week, and with my intense workouts, I can't be that nasty. It was just easier so I got my little cousin who's in cosmetology school to chop it for me. I also wasn't afraid because my hair grows like crazy. I cut it shoulder length a year ago and it was already as long as it was. By December I'll have long hair again, so don't panic! lol

After I did that, we shopped for the week and I returned a dress. Then, we had dinner with good friends we hadn't seen in a while and I had my second cheat of the weekend. Oops. I have been Saint-like all week with food so I'm not too worried about it. I'm back to my clean eating today so it isn't going to ruin all my work. I'm also chugging water like it's going out of style, which is I think why I'm not up any weight today.

We booked a long beach weekend for the end of the month. I am okay with the fact that I am not ready for that red bikini just yet. We are planning a longer beach vacation in September and I know I'll be ready then. I'm still wearing that bikini this time though, you just won't see pictures of it and I might have to consume a bottle of wine before the fine beach patrons get a glimpse..


  1. Get it girl! Own that bikini!

  2. Your hair is cute!

    A person could get seriously lost and broke in Bass Pro!

  3. You hair is so cute and looks adorable on you!!! Glad you had such a great weekend! :)
    Girl I bet you can't wait til your beach mini vacay!!
    Email me and let me know when and if you want to meet up for drinks & some cheat worthy food hahaa!!

  4. You go girl!!! TOTAL win of a weekend with time with all your FAV categories of people. And those planned cheats on the weekend are how I survive. I've lost & kept off 35 lbs in the last year or so. I pay attention to my portions on the weekends, but not as strict with myself about what I can & can't eat. ENJOY the beach!!!!!!

  5. Love your hair cut, super cute and sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  6. I luurrveeeee your new hair cut!!

  7. I am loving the hair! Im so afraid to cut mine even though it grows super fast too so I applaud you!

    I'm not where I wanted to be for my operation red bikini goal - I leave for Vegas in 20 mins - but I've just decided to set some new goals and maybe I'll just reward myself with another trip then! Lol

  8. i love the hair!!!! and so glad you had a good weekend :)

  9. Love the hair. I am almost ready to cut mine!

  10. I'm catching up on older posts but had to chime in to say I love the new hair! Gorgeous!