Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Advocare Cleanse: Day One

Morning ladies.  I am starting the Advocare cleanse everyone and their mama is doing. I know a ton of you are starting on Monday but I have a huge event next Saturday and I didn't want to set myself up for failure, so this way my cleanse ends the day before. I'll still watch what I eat that day, work out like Richard Simmons on speed and just have one glass of wine. Plus, I got the package from Kelly in yesterday, and I didn't want to wait to start!

I decided to try it when I read about Mel's amazing results. I already eat relatively clean most of the time but I have had weak moments lately and  I know I'm back in my 'gain two, lose two' downward spiral. This was just the boost I needed. I got Spark in fruit punch flavor and Kelly let me try a few other samples of some different flavors! I will drink the Spark later but I can tell you that the fiber drink ain't nothin' nice. I've heard mixing with Trop 50 helps or just manning up and doing the drink like a shot.

Today my menu will look like this:
Breakfast-fiber drink, rice cake, natural pb and an apple
Mid Morning snack- two boiled eggs
Lunch-salad and a small orange
Snack-Spark, banana and natural pb
Dinner-homemade turkey meatballs, no sugar added tomato sauce and spaghetti squash

Today I will do some more meal planning because I know that will be key. I did all my reading on the cleanse last night. (I already read the approved and non-approved food previously so my kitchen was stocked appropriately.) I will also be checking out my girl Megan's link up for cleanse-approved recipes!

Tonight I'll be putting chicken and other deliciousness in the crockpot to make Santa Fe Chicken overnight for lunches the rest of the week.

For those interested in ordering Advocare and losing a few more pounds (or those last few!) and really just gaining tons of energy and feeling like a million bucks, contact my girl Kelly and let me know how you do!


  1. What all products other than the actual cleanse drink do you need for it to work the best? I know the cleanse was in the $30 range, I just wasn't sure what else you actually needed to enhance it with, if anything.

  2. I'm starting tomorrow and working on a menu plan and blog post this morning. Good luck to ya!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout girl! If you guys are interested in the cleanse, you can purchase at my site- Spark is a great addition- especially if you drink a lot of coffee or soda. I personally also love Catalyst- a supplement that helps you maintain muscle mass while losing weight (nicknamed lipo in a bottle). Feel free to email me with any more questions.


  4. I can't wait to hear how you do!!

  5. I cannot wait to see the results girlie! please keep posting everythign that you're eating :)

  6. I am starting mine soon and am totally scared. I love carbs sooo much lol!

  7. Good Luck lady - check out my post from monday for some other clean recipes :)

  8. Santa Fe Chicken?? Yummy! Looking forward to updates on the cleanse.

  9. LOL...disregard the "meant to ask you".... Oooops.

  10. Argh, my first message is gone. Sigh. Is it Monday?!! Anyway....

    Love this, you are going to do great and ROCK it!!! Best of Luck!

  11. Can't wait to see what you think. Does spark make you jumpy? I want to try it, but most drinks like that make me really jumpy.