Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheeseburgers, wine, Taco Bell, oh my!

Good morning everyone, including all my new readers! Thanks to Holly over at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally for the shout out last week. You have made my blog go from 1 reader to almost 20. And you look AMAZING after your 30 LB loss, congrats sista!

This weekend was not good, diet and exercise wise, which I am totally okay with because it was a wonderful weekend. Sometimes you have to indulge and let your hair down. Mine just happens to be 10 feet long. I am back at it this morning though, counting calories and taking names.

Here’s a rundown of the weekend:
Friday night, we hung out with our neighbors. We love these people and just started hanging out with them a lot, so I’m pretty pumped about it. Plus, it’s so nice to be able to just walk home after hanging out with them all night.  JD, the husband of the duo, grilled the most amazing steak I’ve ever eaten. Julie made sautéed mushrooms and twice baked potatoes. We had a blast with them, and before we knew it, it was 3am! That’s like, 20 hours past our bedtime. I took a screen shot of my MyFitnessPal that afternoon because it was equal parts hilarious and sad. Gotta plan out your wine calories before you figure out what to eat all day.


It’s funny because I am not a drinker. I normally can’t even finish a glass of wine. I calculated three glasses and only had about 1 ½.  Saturday I planned to do my running outside, for the first time ever. I am a treadmill wh*re, so I know I need to get outside to prepare for my 10k in November. Instead, I took a nap on our new down feather couch. Who could resist that? I got ready for a night of wedding coordinating and may or may not had a cheeseburger from McDonalds.

I knew Saturday would be a long night because this was the biggest wedding I’ve ever assisted with. There was a fireworks display at the reception, three bars, an outdoor dancefloor under a huge tent, and a photobooth. I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out, but as a wedding planner, I find I can talk about weddings for days, and I know not everyone is like that. My poor husband is all wedding’d out. Here are a few pictures from the event.

 (Wedding planning brings out alot of emotions, people! This is my silly fellow-assistant Jay)


Sunday I popped out of bed at 7:30 and suckered my husband into going out for breakfast. I wanted a mimosa, oddly enough. Plus, the weather has been fabulous all weekend and this place has outdoor seating. We have been experiencing a super hot summer, so to be in the high 70’s for us is a treat.

After breakfast, I headed to my S’s aunt’s house to do her makeup for her daughter’s bridal shower. I worked at a makeup counter in college so I am still the go-to makeup artist. I did the bride’s makeup then headed home to get ready for the shower. I tried Mama’s curling technique with my straightener and it turned out pretty good. I have thick, long hair so it didn’t curl as well as hers, but I think I’ll invest in a curling iron soon. Here’s a shameless self-portrait.


The girl who monogrammed my bridesmaids’ robes did this cute insulated tote and kitchen towel for me, and I filled it with the couple’s favorite beer. Aside from the obnoxious tissue paper, I think it turned out pretty cute. I kinda wanted one for us!


After the shower, I did thirty four three loads of laundry and then S and I sat on the patio to take in some more of the great weather. He grilled chicken and chicken sausage and we tried this new beer he found.


Yes, folks. I drank three times this weekend. That’s three times more than I usually drink in a month. I will be attending my first AA meeting next week. Okay kidding, but I am so not used to all that alcohol. Plus, each beer was 200 calories. As good as it was, I will not make this my drink of choice. Do you know what I could eat for 200 calories?
A list of the damage done this weekend:
Steak and twice baked potato
McDonald's cheeseburger
Taco Bell Nachos Surpreme & a soft taco
Wedding Food
French toast (that was so not worth it)
Two mimosas
Wedding Shower food
Leftover fries and a chicken finger (S brought home from lunch)
Two bottles of 200 cal beer
While it's frightening to see it all listed out like that, the damage is done and I know I need to get back on track. I was doing so well and I know I can start back up again. Here's to a new week! Keep an eye out for another post tomorrow. Have a great Monday everyone.


  1. I was one of the 20 that found you this past week. Can I just say that it is so nice to hear someone else struggle with food choices ? Sometimes it's just so much more fun to be bad until you see the scale then its all crap what did I do.

    I love your hair. I am jealous.

    1. Thank you for the hair compliment. My secret is to wash it twice a week (at the most). I know most people don't do that, but I'm too lazy to wash, dry and straighten mine every day!

      I am so glad you found my page and continue to relate to it and read it. I try to keep it interesting!

  2. Props to you for typing that all out, Courageous to say the least!

    Loving your bun at the wedding! So chic!! I need some bun lessons asap!

    1. Girl, I have just discovered all the wonder that is the sock bun. I found the piece at Claire's. It's actually called a "hair donut". I know, that's what attracted me to it in the first place. Donuts? Where? Glazed or chocolate?

      Anyway, it's super easy to use and a great option when I don't want to wash my hair, which is always.