Friday, September 28, 2012

These are a few of my fav-oh-rite things!

Oh Sound of Music, how I love thee.

I have been planning to do a Favorite Things post for a while, just never had the time. Since my last few posts were short and light on pictures, I figured now was as good a time as any. Unfortunately for ya'll, this ain't the kind of Favorite Things edition that gives everyone a new car. I'm just a little less fortunate than Ms. Winfrey. Just a little. I hope some of my blogging friends will do a post like this soon too, I always love hearing about and trying new things.

Here's what I'm loving these days:

Kenra dry shampoo
I picked up this mini bottle at Ulta last weekend to try. It was about $9, but I have a feeling it'll last a while. The larger bottle was $22, but I wanted to try it first. I love using it after a workout because this girl ain't washing her hair every day. I do not have the time, nor do I care about my hair THAT much lol. All in all, it works great. Worth the $9.
Lettuce Wrapped Anything
Leigh Ann gave me the idea with her yummy-looking turkey and hummus lettuce wraps, and I had seen tons of lettuce wraps on Pinterest. My favorites so far are taco's on lettuce leaves (pictured above) and Chinese Cashew Chicken Wraps, which I just realized I didn't post the recipe for. Will get on that soon because it was amaaaaazeballs. This weekend I want to try Buffalo Chicken wraps. I'll let you know how it goes.

MAC Lingering Eye Brows pencil
I believe everyone should use an eye brow pencil or powder. Even blondes. Well. Everyone except caterpillar brows should. I didn't learn this fun fact till I worked at a makeup counter. I have extremely dark and thick hair, so I would've never filled in my brows. But of course, I wax, so there are some less than full spots. It happens. I'm not saying go buy a Crayola marker and fill them suckers in, but you'd be amazed at how well a filled in brow frames the face. I like this pencil because it's not super harsh. I've had it since April and it'll probably last me till next April. Aside from their amazing eye shadows, this is the only product I use from MAC.
BBQ Pop Chips
I think these might be better than regular potato chips. And they're only 100 calories per bag. I rest my case.
OPI Nail Polish
Disclaimer: These are not my nails. My nails are far more chewed up and kid-like, but I love this color, Dim Sum Plum. All my nail polishes are OPI because they have the best colors and last the longest. I do have a couple Essie colors but that bottle is too small for $8!
I bought a bag of Bob's Red Mill Organic Quinoa to try because I was hearing so much about this "superfood". I will say it's an acquired taste. My husband, who eats just about any part of any animal living, doesn't care for it. I love it though, and it's a great alternative to brown rice. I cook mine in water then season with garlic and the Mrs. Dash Mediterranean blend, but I plan to make fried "rice" with it soon. The bag costs about $7 but literally lasts forever.

Xersion Athletic Capris
These are hands down my favorite pair of short/capris/workout pants I've ever owned. You can find them at JC Penney for $20 a pair. They don't ride up or annoy you during your workout like I've experienced with other brands. Don't be afraid of the tightness-they are very forgiving! I have a black pair and a gray pair but I'll soon be buying more.

Luna Bars
On days where I have an intense workout, these are my go-to afternoon snacks. They're filling without being ridiculous in calories, and they're made especially for women! My favorite flavors are Chocolate Dipped Coconut and Chocolate Peppermint Stick.

I know I'm way behind in this topic, but some of you may not have done it in a while. So tell me, what are some of your favorite things?


  1. Love lettuce wraps. It was a travesty when Chili's got rid of theirs, even with the years passing I am still sad!

    Fave things today: Banana Oatmeal, fall weather!

  2. Kenra, Pop Chips, and Lunas? We really are BFF's with 10 states between us. :)

  3. Just started following your blog- figured I needed to since I love everything on this list!!! (well, besides the dry shampoo...never tried that! curly blonde hair + sweat = NEEDS to be washed, so I'm pretty jealous!)

  4. Kenra is the bomb diggity. You have to try the shining mist. In addition to being ridculously fabulous it smells heavenly. I have got to get on board with Quinoa! Where can I buy?

  5. I agree about the xersion pants. I have Lululemon pants, Moving Comfort, Asics, and the JC Penny pants are still my favorite! They are the only ones that don't shimmy down while running. They are such a steal.