Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well lookie here...

A few housekeeping items first. Are you following me on Facebook?  What about Pinterest? Oh, and I am "evangelineevents" on Instagram  and @evangevents on Twitter. I know it can get confusing because some of my user names go with my business name, so I'm figuring out that alot of you were wondering who the heck keeps commenting on their pictures. No, it's not a super stalker who happens to know a little too many details of your life. It's meeee. (Not sure which is creepier.)

Anyway, now I can get to this. Since the scale hasn't been moving, I've been super disappointed and frustrated. I've been doing the whole "lose two pounds, gain two pounds, lose two pounds, gain two" dance for far too long. Since we all know I love a good selfportrait, I decided to compare one from today with one from about a month and a half ago. Ya'll, this made me so happy. While I'm not nearly where I want to be, I definitely see some differences. I think seeing myself every single day didn't allow me to see any changes. This can be so discouraging, amiright? The picture on the right is what I saw in the mirror today.

Like I said. Long way to go but it's sooo nice to finally see a change. Those tanks underneath are the same brand in a different color and the same goes for the tank on top. Here is another painstakingly embarrassing photo I took, for myself really, as a "before" for my next goal. Shrink down those monster arms!

Arm progress pic coming in the next few weeks! I can't wait to have more progress that I can document through pictures. Thank you to all my readers for your amazing support!

Now, onto weirder things. I go through strange phases where I become obsessed with a food and crave it all the time. I've had a pb2 phase, a clementine orange phase, a crockpot phase. All weird, non make sense. My current phase is a real doosie: imitation crabmeat. Gross, huh? Uhhh, hell no! I am obsessed. I think it's because of this ball of delicious, get in my mouth now, that's what she said, goodness.
This would be a snow crab salad (salad being used very loosely here) at my faaaavorite sushi restaurant. It's basically fake crab meat, avocados, some special delicious sauce and crunchy flakes. Super unhealthy but super yummorific. I could literally eat this every day. I'd be as big as a house, but happy and full. So, to feed my inner freak of nature, I started looking for ways to fill my craving without filling my clothes with tubs of lard. I found this at Walmart:

You get four huge pieces of crab meat for only 80 calories, 6g of proteins and zero fat. While I know it's not as good as real crab meat, it does the trick for me. Today I ate two dipped in a tiny bit of low sodium soy sauce and the other two cut up in a salad. So good.  I also bought shredded-style crab meat to make a recipe a found on Pinterest, California Roll in a Bowl. Sounds amazing right? I plan on making it for lunch tomorrow.

I also found a ton more recipes to tweak on Pinterest that I'll be sharing next week.

Speaking of amazing finds, I just ordered this sassy workout tank from Abundant Heart Apparel on Etsy. Even cooler, if you like them on Facebook, you get 10% off your purchase. The owner of the shop, Jenna is super nice and very fast.

I hope you're all having a fabulous Saturday and I promise to post tomorrow to make up for my lack of postage in the last couple days;-)


  1. Your stomach is so flat! I am way jealous. Also that crab stuff looks gross lol but I guess I shouldn't knock it till I try it, I've never really been a big sushi person.

  2. Loving the pics,you look thinner all around your middle! Get it girl!

    Try the crab with some avacado, light soy sauce, and sliced cucumber, oh all my geesss amazing!

  3. I agree with the other girls... You can tell a big difference in your core. Are you taking measurements?

    And your comment about craving random foods made me smile-- I do that, too. :)

  4. The crab salad looks delish!! What is the restaurant called?