Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Wears Short Shorts? (Me, one day, hopefully)

Happy Wednesday, yall! We half-way made it through the week! I'm in a great mood aside from the fact that I need to dehydrate myself today so I never have to pee. Why, you ask? Because I'm afraid it'll take me 13 minutes to slowly squat down and hover over the toilet, then probably won't be able to stand up, forcing me to sit there, all day, because there isn't a chance in hell I'll be able to get up.

So maybe I'm dramatic. Just get to the point already, woman.

Yesterday, we worked out legs. Today, my legs are crying. It probably doesn't help that I did squats between each of my sets on Monday. I mean, it helps my legs to look like super model legs, but it doesn't help in the sitting to pee department. Guys have all the luck.

I've been focusing on legs lately because here in good ol' Southern Louisiana, it's summer time from about March-October. I'm not being dramatic there. Just ask Leigh Ann. Speaking of Elle Noel herself, she inspired this post. Her and those hot shorts. One day I will wear shorts like that to run. Until then, I just want to wear shorts without any vajiggle jaggle hanging out (Name that reference! If you can, keep it to yourself because that's embarressing.)

I started wearing normal people shorts last summer, with the vajiggle hanging out and all. Cellulite is a B*tch, but I just didn't care. It's hot. This year I want to wear shorts confidently, and time is running out to get my summer time legs looking Beyonce-hot. (I read an article recently outlining B's workout routine. I was so pumped that I could look like her in these 3, quick, easy at-home moves! Until I read, at the very end, in fine print, that she couples this workout with 8 hours of dancing a day. Oh.)

I still love you Bee-yons
And for those of you wondering, yes, she still lives in my pantry. Hate on, haters.

Now, I don't want my legs to look like a female body builder that can bench press a truck, I just want to wear running shorts (and actually run in them). Aren't these Nike ones so cute?

And I want to have toned, fake tanned legs for the 9 months that is our summer.

The work out we did was simple. I do three sets of twelve, my husband does 4 sets of 10, of course with alot more weight than I can use just yet:
Squats with a barbell
Leg Press Machine
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Curl Machine
Lunges in place (with weights)
Weighted Calf Raises
Sumo Squats
For those exercises using weights, I just found an amount that was comfortable to me and went up a little. When it gets too easy, add more weight. Now, I am not an expert (and those of you that are, are probably laughing at the way I worded those exercises, but whatevs, just trying to help!)
If the machines intimidate you, there are a TON of great leg routines on Pinterest, like this one and this one and this one.
I'll be posting some more workouts on Pinterest as well as some summer inspiration photos. Speaking of, are you following our Operation Red Bikini Pinterest board yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!Leigh Ann and I pin way more than just bikini stuff. It's a board for everyone so check it out.
Meanwhile, I'll be trying to pee without crying, and hoping I don't like this in my shorts this summer:


  1. "8 hours of dancing a day"
    can you even imagine!?!
    I want her bod, like now.
    But 8 hours of dancing
    neva gonna happen

  2. Don't lie, those old ladies are hot. I hope I'm that sassy when I'm old. I would LOVE to be able to actually run in running shorts. I always get that dang ride up/wedgie/chafing. darn you thunder thighs. Anyway- good job on the weights! I loooove lifting heavy!

  3. I'm with ya girl I totally cannot wait until I can wear shorts while working out and be CONFIDENT! Those nike shorts, how freakin cute are those!? Keep going girl Operation red bikini! We got this :)

  4. oohhhhh that is the best painful feeling in the world! That means your legs are brewing something sexy in there!!!! Great job gorgeous!!!! Off to pinterest I need to check out this board........ Happy Wednesday girlfriend XOXOXOX0

  5. Oh 8 hours of dancing a day? Is that all she does okay! Ain't nobody got time for that, well except Beyonce. Wish I could make millions just dancing all day. Good luck girl sounds like you will have those legs by summer! :)

  6. I wish I had time to dance for 8 hours a day! Sweet life that beyonce has! I think we should be highly afriad of this summer, given we had three weeks of winter. It's gonna be HOT!

  7. I'm with you! We get that same 9 month summer here in Alabama and I want to be ready for it! I am a sundress kinda gal so I'm hoping to rock the hell out of them! I did the Carrie Underwood leg workout yesterday, and I'm fairly confident I will never sit again. I do think I'm going to follow your lead, and Carrie will be taking up residence on my fridge and pantry. Ryan is acutally pretty excited about that though :)

  8. I dream of running in cute little shorts. day (hopefully soon!)

  9. I am right there with you on the shorts girl! Texas summers are the same way, super long! Those Nike shorts are cute, I haven't seen that design, but those are the style that I run in (when running on the treadmill) and they are awesome! Thanks for the info on the leg workouts, will def have to try them!

  10. I feel ya...dreading shorts weather already. Gotta get these gams toned up and tanned up. Spray tan and gym meeting ASAP!!!! Gonna focus on legs tonight, you inspired me :)

  11. I played wii tennis and can barely move my arm. apparently i play too flamboyantly. i couldnt even clasp my own bra! So you be my arms and ill be your legs. and don't worry my bras already on so you are off the hook there- no pun intended. Damn I just gave you an A+ comment there!

  12. Short shorts! Hot girl! I totally want to wear those hot shorts like Leigh Ann but I only have 5'3 legs so not sure how hot it'll look. Loving the ORB Pinterest board...keeping me inspired so keep it up!

  13. woohooo, nice workout girl!
    Love Beyonce. Seriously love her. I had one of her pics as inspiration too. You got this!!

  14. The beginning of this post made me laugh! I'm in the same place today! After standing over 6 hours on Monday for a concert and having my first session with a personal trainer last night my legs are screaming! Non pain no gain though, right?

  15. Get it girl!!! I get disappointed when my legs aren't sore after a hard workout. These thunder thighs ain't gonna tone themselves!

  16. I love those shorts. MUST HAVE NOW! I have been doing all of those leg exercises and seeing great results. Leg Extension Machine and Leg Curl Machine are my favorites! I want sexy legs!

  17. Love those Nike shorts and legs have always been my favorite feature so I definitely spend more time in them too. Shorts season here we come!

  18. hahahaha. This is why I love you!! Legs legs legs, my favorite thing to work. Peeing is overrated anyways :)

  19. I have never been a shorts person, even though I so badly want to be. Maybe this summer :)