Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday OHHHHH

Morning readers!

It's Friiiiiday! Today's good mood brought to you by the letter C. Coffee!
Coffee makes the world a better place.
Not much going on over here, other than thanking Baby Jesus that it's almost the weekend. I am finally jumping on the Elle Noel no-carb band wagon starting this Saturday. Need to stock up on my Think Thin's or this girl is gonna be hangry come 2pm every day. Think Thin's are a "safe food" because they are gluten free. I'll always love my Luna Bars but I'm interested to see how/if they effect my weight loss.
I have been embracing salads lately too, thanks to Miss Megan and after three days, I stopped dreading them lol...I do need to get more creative though. Any ideads? PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SALAD IDEAS! A few of this week's eats:
Grilled chicken, lettuce (of course), red onion, purple cabbage, carrots, boiled & chopped eggwhites, mushrooms and 1 1/2 tbsp. light southwest ranch dressing

Lunch out with the hubs yesterday (he will kill me for calling him the hubs), grilled shrimp, egg whites, tomatoes, lettuce and a little bit of cheese. Both bowls were ginormous even though they look tiny.
Next week I will throw in a taco salad with ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, red onion and salsa for dressing, but I still need ideas so I don't get burnt out. Send 'em my way homegirls! (yes, I just said that. I'm on a roll today)
I tried to do the bagged salad thing like Megan but the ones at the grocery store I go to were lookin' sad and wilted.
I've also added more fruit and veggies as snacks and not as many processed foods. I can tell I am losing inches even though I haven't lost weight in the past two weeks. AND I can tell my skin is clearing up big time. I can definitely work on drinking more water, but all in all I am doing pretty good.
Tomorrow is run number 2 with the Soul Sistas I run with. Four miles! I'm gonna make those four miles my bitch! (Okay I am just talking a huge game.) I hope to run a full 5k atleast, like I did last week. Getting stronger. Come on half marathon! Here's a picture, for your viewing pleasure, of my "cold weather once a year" Louisiana running gear:
(husband, if you are reading this, yes I stole your Air Force hat and long sleeve LSU shirt to run. I am sure he stopped reading this after I called him "the hubs" though, so I should be off the hook)
Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement next week. It involves one red bikini. That's all I'm sayin'. Once Leigh Ann and I iron out all the details, big things will start happening, and you all will benefit too:) Can't wait to share!


  1. I'm going to have to check out think thins! Good luck on your run! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I got a fiya head band at Target last night for cold weather running- 5 dollars! And you are so funny. I love it. Where did ya'll go to get that amazing looking salad?! Its Fridayyyyy!

  3. YES! #operationredbikini Get it!

    The no carb challenge has treated me well. I am going to do it again next week too. I will not gain over this holiday season.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I love coffee. A lot. You're doing so good staying on track! I need me a partner like Megan to help whip me in shape too! You're going to kill that run tomorrow. And I can't wait to hear about red bikini!!

  5. I just got Think Thin bars and I am trying my first one today. Luna bars are so high in sugar. Good luck on your run!

  6. Looking great girl. Can't wait for the big update:)

  7. You are just so cute! I wanted to tell you about my favorite salad.

    Greek Salad (with or without grilled chicken)

    3-4 cups shredded Lettuce, 15 grams of Feta, Grape tomatoes, Sliced pickled beets, sliced cucumbers, 1 Tbsp Kalamata Olives - I also use about 1 Tbsp of ranch dressing mixed with 1 Tbsp Red wine vinegar. The small amount of Feta only adds 45 cals but adds alot of flavor! The dressing also adds quite a bit of zing. Yummy!

  8. Coffee does make the world a better place!
    I haven't tried this yet, but some of the other IG girls have and loved it. I guess lean cuisines make a salad topping mix. On my grocery list for next week!
    I'd love to do a no carb challenge, but probably after Christmas.

  9. ooooh I wanna know your announcement :D

    And seriously, how PRETTY are you!??!?!

  10. You are so pretty! Love that coffee picture! You have me on the edge of my seat about the Operation Red Bikini announcement! \

    For salad ideas, I always grab a bag of broccoli slaw and some Newman's Own Light Asian (sesame/ginger or something) dressing. Add some grilled chicken or tuna and BAM you have an easy asian salad. Also I tried one of the Lean Cuisine salad toppers last week and it was pretty good. I found them in the frozen food section by the regular LCs!!

  11. Leigh Ann has me wanting to try a no-carb challenge, too! I'm going no-carb today, but I don't know if I'm ready to commit to a full week...yet. Be sure to tell us how it goes!

    You asked for salad ideas: I love putting mandarin oranges and raspberry vinaigrette on mine. Today I added chick peas to my salad to pump up the protein, and those went pretty well with the raspberry vinaigrette. Sometimes I do canned chicken and holy guacamole with an plainer dressing...ummm what else? Hard-boiled eggs...that's a good filler....And that might be it--I usually don't get too creative with my salads. Creature of habit! :)

  12. Coffee is the elixir of life.

    Yayy salads. I love salads with egg, just realized I forgot that when I emailed you about my fave salad.. Although I will sadly admit that I am usually to lazy to hard boil some. I just had a salad tonight with Spring mix from Costco, tomatoes, chopped broccoli, snap peas, diced onion and goat cheese with blush wine vinaigrette. YUMMY. SInce it was dinner and I hadn't eaten anything all day I had a small side of cheesy broccoli quinoa [found it on pinterest] with my salad :P

  13. I LOVE my salad with spinach, sunflower seeds, strawberries, a little goat cheese, and a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. SO good!

  14. ohhhhhh I can't stand the suspense!!!!!

  15. I just recently started reading your blog and I love it!

    I get really bored with salads too but I do love putting goat cheese on a salad, as well as dried cranberries, and walnuts! I also really like putting left over stir fry on my salad. If I make a stir fry for dinner, I will save some and plop it on my salad the next day, and top with a honey mustard dressing or some stir fry sauce. And because I am a vegetarian I will use things like black beans, tempeh, hard boiled eggs, avocado, cottage cheese, or hummus for my protein!