Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Low Carb Week and ORB love

Morning lovies!

First I must say, I am completely overwhelmed with the response on yesterday's Operation Red Bikini post! This thing has blown up and Leigh Ann and I are both thrilled. I cannot wait to continue to share details, read success stories and show you all some of the AMAAAAZING goodies we have in store. We will be doing several giveaways throughout the months, since I know it's a long long challenge, 5 months people! I want to keep the excitement going! Plus, the winner of the challenge will get bombarded with shit tons of amazing stuff that I am jealous of! I want it all! That is alot of exclamation points!

Also, there were ton of you I wanted to reply back to via email but your emails aren't attached to your accounts, so I couldn't. Go in and fix that so you can get responses from me! I read them all, just couldn't reply to some :(

Now, on to big bad low carb week. Surprisingly, it's been easy. I guess I am so used to eating this way, that saying no to potatoes or rice hasn't been too trying. I did Ideal Protein when S and I first got engaged and it's pretty much a no carb diet, aside from a few nasty bars, puddings and powdered eggs. Blah. No wonder it works, it's horrible. It made me angry all the time. Not even kidding. And it was expensive. Every week, I'd go to the doctor's office that sold me this expensive dust food, come back to work with my bag full and my coworker would say "Oh you bought your mean food again." She was right. Never, ever again. I don't even want to tell you how much I spent all together on that stuff.

The bottom line is, eating as clean as possible and working out works. Duh. It took me a while to finally "get" it. But I did, and thank God! I have done every diet in the book: Atkins, Weight Watchers (which to me is the safest, but still expensive), Ideal Protein, etc. Not knocking any of them, but why sign up for them if you can do it for free? I swear by My Fitness Pal to keep my eating under control. If you use it too, friend me, because my diary is open to my friends. You can check out what I'm been eating for ideas. And for a few more ideas, here are some of my eats lately:
Egg cups All I did was line a cupcake tin with two pieces of ham per..cupcake hole? Anyway, cracked an egg into each and baked. I baked them a bit too long so next time I'll check them earlier.
Lunch out with my husband, grilled shrimp salad
Newly discovered sweet treat. 2 tbsp. Chocolate PB2 mixed into vanilla Greek yogurt (can substitute plain yogurt if that's all you have but you'll need to sweeten it with Splenda or something similar)

"Taco" salad: ground turkey, lettuce mix, carrots, purple cabbage, cucumbers and homemade salsa. So yum.

Another lunch out. Jason's Deli salad bar: lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, jalepenos, cucumbers and red onion. Ordered grilled chicken to go with it but it was yuck so I left it off and ended up adding a ton of boiled egg whites for protein.
My favorite low carb meal so far: Husband's beef potroast with baby carrots, bell peppers and green beans on the side. This was SO yummy for a girl who was "hangry" on her way home from work.
Going low carb for a week has forced me to get creative and somehow gotten me to love salads. I find myself staying fuller longer because I am making wiser decisions. A typical day looks like this:
Breakfast: 3 egg whites or two egg whites and a whole egg, turkey bacon and coffee
Mid morning snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: salad with a protein and another vegetable on the side (baby carrots, cucumbers, celery, etc.)
Afternoon snack: Think Thin bar (favorites are Cookies N Creme and Brownie Crunch, but trying Crunchy Peanut Butter for the first time today)
Dinner: protein and veggies, sometimes a Gluten Free rice cake if I need something sweet.
I think I will either rotate low carb weeks or days after we get through the calorie trap that is Christmas and hopefully I'll have better results. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Two more days till the long weekend...Holla for a dollllaaaa!!!!


  1. I too am a big believer in MyFitnessPal. It helps to see how the nutritional info! I requested you as a friend!

  2. so stinking awesome!!! I know I need to jump on this plan yesterday but being home with my family this week will just set me up to fail! I am SOOO excited about operation red bikini and pumped to get started! thanks you amazing ladies for being so genius!!!

  3. Those boob cups, I mean egg cups look delish! I'm super excited for Operationredbikini because it'll be a long challenge which is just what I need. Thanks for putting all this together and I told Gisele Noel we need someone to photoshop us all on an operationredbikini cruise in May.

  4. Hollaaaa haha you are so funny honey boo boo child!!! LOL I love seeing your ideas, I totally need to do more salads, I got the luna bar-macadamia nut one to try, excited!!! :)

  5. Those egg cups look amazing. Please come teach me!

  6. All those meals look amazing! I've been doing no-carbs this week too and it doesn't really even feel like I'm depriving myself. I'm excited for #operationredbikini I just have to figure out what goal piece I'd like to use for it. Have a good day. :)

  7. Can't unsee boob cups lol. I'm going Low Carb tomorrow (gotta hit up the grocery store!). I've never felt better than when on LC (no crazy hunger, mood swings, etc) but it is hard to maintain when around bad influences. You already have the salad when eating out down! I wish I liked other greens than spinach and I would try to eat more salads at restaurants vs all the bad fried things haha!

  8. Great job tracking and getting used to your new plan. Food looks super yummy. I always believe that the meals have to yummy or else you can't stick to it!

  9. These healthy meals look amazing! I also read your red bikini post and loved the idea :)

  10. I am jumping on the low carb wagon after Christmas when I get home from Texas... I would starve to death if I told my Mammaw I wasn't eating carbs while at her house...Anyway, keep posting food ideas!! I need them!

  11. how do you add your email to your account thing? I have a blog and email and I dont think either show up to others??!!!

    -still new to this and confused...

  12. You are doing great! I'm so proud of you....and I love getting no carb ideas from you! thanks!

  13. Get it girl! I have seen the egg boobs on Pinterest, but been afraid to try them. Thank you for being my guinea pig ;)

    Also, I have wanted to try the PB2 stuff. Do you really, really like it, or is it just ok?

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  15. If anybody is conscious about his health then he should try these food. I personally think if you we it regularly and do exercise regularly then he will see the the difference in the fitness within couple of weeks. I also like it a lot and if we are healthy then we can enjoy the every single movement of the world. learn more