Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Linky Link

My newfound soul sista, Sarah, over at Fueled and Aflame, is doing a link up today with Heather all about the holidays. I wanted to vlog it, but I went to this gym at 5:30am this morning (WHAT WHATTTT!) and ran out of time. Here are my answers:
What's your favorite holiday movie?
Does Home Alone count? I'm saying it does. I have never even seen any of the classic Christmas movies. I know, shame on me.

Do you have any special traditions? (See what I'm doing here?)
Actually, this year we are making some new ones. This is my first Christmas as a married girl, and the first Christmas my husband isn't actually working. Before this previous job, he was in the Air Force so those things combined means he has not been home on Christmas day in NINE Christmases. I wanted to be sure he had the whole day to spend with his family. See, we have my family, his mom's side and his dad's side, so splitting one day between three places would just be hectic. Normally, I just go to my family's Christmas and stop by his dad's on my way home. This year, we are having Christmas for my family at our house on the Sunday, his mom's Christmas on Christmas eve, and Christmas day will be spent at his dad's. I think this is the best plan, as it allows us to spend a full day with each family. I am hoping it works perfectly and it can be a yearly tradition.

What's your favorite ornament or decoration?
I have two. And I actually have pictures of them because I am a crazy Christmas tree lady. On the left is my very first Christmas ornament. S thinks it looks like a scary bald clown, but I will always love it! On the right is a Leaning Tower of Pisa ornament, obviously. It reminds me of our Italy trip and all those wonderful memories. 

Best gift you've ever received?
Probably my first car? My mom found a little stuffed dog that was holding a red velvet bag. She gave it to me and said "Didn't you always want a dog?" I thought she was just trying to be funny. Then she told me to open the bag and in it was the key to my car, which was sitting in the driveway! It was a used Toyota Corolla that I'd still be rockin' had it not gotten flooded in a hurricane. I miss that thing.

Worst gift you've ever received?
A Memory Foam pillow. Why? Because who the f wants a pillow for Christmas?

Favorite winter accessory?
Scarves! Boots! Sweaters! Tights! All of it, I love all of it. Sadly, most days in Louisiana have been in the 70's, but it's finally cold again today so you better believe I'm wearing a scarf.

Real tree or fake?
This is my first year since I was little having a real tree. We had a hand me down fake last year and I just felt it was too big for our house. I also wanted the smell of a real tree, but it is sadly not as strong of a smell as I thought. S may have caught me with my nose in the branches a few times..

When and how did you find out that Santa was not real?
I was playing with three of my mom's friends' older children and they said something about a gift they got from "Santa" and all started giggling before one of them said, "you mean your parents?" I played along and didn't ask questions but they continued to elaborate. I wish I could've believed in Santa till I was atleast 15 though lol..

P.S. I FINALLY have something up in the "My Journey" section of my blog, go check it out HERE.


  1. I received a pillow for Christmas too! I was 12 and my uncle thought that I would really appreciate a down pillow...

  2. Awww a pillow - I would take that RIGHT now and go to sleep by my fireplace. LOL

  3. Tell me it was your mom and not your hubby that got you a pillow. and that baby is a little creepy.

  4. That's so exciting that this is your husband's first Christmas-day Christmas in 9 years! I hope it's perfect for you both!

  5. Home Alone definitely counts - that, along with The Holiday , are my fave!

  6. Home Alone definitely counts. It is my favorite holiday movie too!

    As far as a pillow goes, I asked for one for my birthday, not quite Christmas, but I'd be happy if I got one for Christmas too, I guess I'm weird.

    So glad your hubby is home and your new traditions sound like a good plan! I know we are constantly moving on Christmas day and it makes it hectic and less enjoyable...

    Merry Christmas girl!

  7. I loved your link up - my husband is in the Military as well and this is only the 2nd time we have ever spent the holidays together! I have a quick question - what all do I need to do to join #operationredbikini? I read your post from two days ago but I just want to make sure im following all the rules! Thanks!

  8. Hey!
    Okay, I never know if I reply to the comments on my own posts if everyone gets to read I'm gonna answer your question here. :D

    About the compression socks, I went and looked at the website I got them off of, and they have another sale, 50% off until December 27th!

    So far, I've loved them! I'm thinking of getting more..just bummed i didn't the first time around because shipping up to Canada was about 17-ish dollars!

  9. I'm a new follower! Your blog is so precious!

    I completely agree with you on scarves, boots, and sweaters! Love, love, love. Thankfully, I live in MN where the high was 12 degrees today. ;) LOL! Happy holidays pretty lady!

  10. Love you girl! I am ORBing it up with you! Hit 198 today! Miracle!!! Or Stomach virus. Whatevs.