Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I couldn't think of a clever name for this post

Morning kids, we are halfway to Friday! Thanks be to G-O-D. I am already ready for another weekend. Can I get an AMEN?!

I have nothing planned this weekend other than the first group run in our half marathon training. Oh yeah, about that. I have run a couple times in the two weeks between our 10k and the beginning of ½ training.  I am not prepared but oddly I am excited. I am excited to be pushed to my limits again because frankly, I don’t push myself half as hard. Maybe that’ll be my New Years Resolution?

To help with that though, as if I don’t talk about this girl enough, Megan has kicked me in to gear lately and it’s helping tremendously. She’s been randomly texting me asking what I’m about to eat, and I’ve been sending her pictures of my meals. She is truly an angel. A very fit, hot mom kind of angel.

Leigh Ann keeps me accountable too. She reminds me of how far I’ve come anytime I feel less than motivated. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like her when they grow up!?

I have that red bikini to think about too. I got an email on Monday saying I should receive the package within four days. Any. Day. Now. I plan to shove my busted can of biscuits body into it to take a Before picture, but don’t worry, I won’t be posting that any time soon. I MIGHT (key word, might) post a side by side with an After photo next year. Only if I feel the world is ready. Plus, I'm hoping if I can reach my goal of looking super hot in this bikini that I can convince my lucky husband to take me somewhere like this:

Speaking of bikini pictures, I can’t wait to be photoshopped into Melanie’s bikini photo this summer! It won’t be half as fun as hanging out with her in real life but it’ll have to do for now! Mel, can you add a 6 pack on me while you’re photoshopping? Thanks.

Last night I tried another Pinterest-inspired recipe, roasted cabbage.

I am not a cabbage fan in the least, but I love roasted vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower the most) so I figured I’d give it a shot. You will need:

1 head of cabbage
Olive oil (didn’t measure, used our olive oil mister)
Sea salt
Garlic Powder

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Slice cabbage long ways into 1 inch slices. (I discarded the center white part) They will most likely kind of fall apart so just try to hold them together. Brush a cookie sheet with olive oil, or spray like I did. Place cabbage on your cookie sheet and mist again with olive oil. Season both sides with seasonings of choice. Bake until browned to your liking. I don’t know why but I like them fairly burnt lol. I didn’t time them so just keep an eye out. Both my husband and I loved how it came out and I’ll definitely be making this again!
(This is just sheet, the whole cabbaged yeilded about two and a half cookie sheets full)

ETA: I have been on the lookout for the perfect red lipstick for the holidays. I am looking for something pretty matte and more on the crimson side than Christmas red. Any suggestions? I looooove this:

Hope you all have a fabulous day and just think, half way to Friday!


  1. Good luck with your training fun to do this in a group..I'm jealous!!

  2. yum!!! that looks so good and so does your salad from yesterday!! and way to go getting your butt in gear, Meg is amazing, I read her blog whenever I feel lazy or down add that to Leigh Ann and you have the fitness super team and will look amazing in that red bikini!!! get it lady!!

  3. Was it crunchy? I am not a cabbage girl but I love roasted broccoli.

  4. Come cook for me. Also- Maybe I need a bikini too. But not until after my tummy tuck. ha.

  5. I cannot WAIT to see your before after pictures!!! I know you will rock that bikini!!

  6. All I could think when I saw the pic was- Ohhhh Mexicooo!!! Operation Red Bikini in full force! and thankyou for the sweet shout out! I'm blushing! :)

  7. I saw your post on instagram... did you find a vacation spot? And good luck with your run this weekend!! :)

  8. Oooh that cabbage looks good! I will be trying that soon too - I am loving your fun recipes lately! Gotta get new ideas every once in a while!

  9. I'm so excited you are starting half training, you will be SO GLAD you did it, PROMISE! I think that lipstick would be bomb as shit on you too :)