Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap-Sylvia and the Short Sleeve Sweater Adventure

Here we are, already back at Monday again. I don’t know about you but I could’ve used an extra day. This weekend was wonderful, really! A recap for all of you on the edges of your seats…

Friday night S and I went to pick up Sylvia, my first real Christmas tree. I wanted a smaller tree because  the fake one we used to use seems to just eat up ornaments and never look full. We ended up buying this one that creepy Vana White, my husband is posing with.

When we took it home, it wasn’t quite as small as I thought, but I still love Sylvia. Yes I named it.
After picking up dinner we came home and decorated. Here is Sylvia in all her glory!

I used burlap from our wedding to make ribbon and a bow for the top. Use what ya got!
More Christmas decor, as seen on Instagram (I really need to work on not posting everything to Instagram then reposting on my blog..I just can't contain myself!)

Saturday I finished decorating and did some things around the house. I then decided to brave the hell that is Christmas shopping and got a ton of my gifts bought. S left bright and early to help his dad with a project and when he returned we got ready for Leigh Ann’s super fun Tacky Christmas Party. Ya’ll. We had so much fun. S bought a $4 dollar wool sweater that eventually got deconstructed into a short sleeve ensemble and I wore a sweater vest S wore to a previous tacky Christmas party. Add a belt and voila! It fits!

This was the first time Leigh Ann and I got to hang out socially, aside from hitting the pavement on a weekly basis, and a good time was had by all! This girl is such a great hostess and her husband had us cracking up. Head over to her blog for a whole bunch of fun pictures! Here are a few I took.


We got home around 12ish because S was to be up at 4AM to go hunting with a friend. You read that right. He got home around 11am and we were off to his neices’ birthday party. We don’t stop. Ever. We spent a great day with his family in the Louisiana winter aka 70 something degree weather. I finally got to test out S’s second wife (AKA his new four wheeler) for the first time. I thought I’d hate it but that bad boy is fun to drive! I told him next time he drives into our neighborhood he’ll see me flying down the road with my Rapunzel hair flowing in the wind. He wasn’t amused.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Any time we can fit friends, family and husband/wife time into one short weekend, I call it a success!
Here I am pictured with one of the very few reasons I am excited and not totally petrified to have mini me's of my own. I love this little munchkin.


  1. You Christmas tree looks ahhhh-mazing!

  2. love the burlap bow...and I'm the same way about instagram. must post everything asap! lol

  3. I love all the burlap too! Looks beautiful!

  4. What a great weekend and loving that burlap baby. Love your tree and mantel.

  5. S is such a sport with the pictures! Glad to see he and Sylvia made fast friends! hahaha Hopefully he'll rub off on Nick with those pleasent picture taking skills. Oh wait there's Rihanna and there goes my husband. Le Sigh. hahaha Great weekend LOVE your decorations!

  6. What a great weekend! You rocked the vest!