Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Introduction....

First a little about me. I am 25, newly married and work full time as well as own my own company. Yeah, that means I need a nap.
I take alot of gym pics. Call it lame, I just don't think to do "progress pictures" till I'm at the gym. I usually try to sneak one in if there are other people there, but an empty gym is always the time to take a cheesy mirror pic. Enjoy!

(This is me last week, about 13 pounds lost)

I’ve decided to jump on the “blog about your weightloss journey” bandwagon for a few reasons. First off,  I love my weekly dose of Mama Laughlin. She makes me laugh my a** off every single time. If you haven’t heard of her yet, she is a blunt, hilarious, honest mama who blogs about her two boys, her husband, fashion, makeup and her incredible weightloss journey. She is the reason I want to lose some serious lbs before the hubs and I decide to have kids (even if that is 241 years from now.) Seriously, check out the difference in her pregnancies. Amazing. 

I also recently started following a college classmate of mine’s weight loss blog. She too is quite hilarious, and in reading her blog I’ve discovered we have tons in common. I too am a newlywed who thinks my husband is so over eating wheat pasta and fat free cheese. He loves me anyway and will love when I am a super hot Victoria’s Secret model (I remind him that I will be one of those one day, on a daily basis—he’s smart so he agrees). You can check out Leigh Ann’s blog here.

I know how much I love reading and getting ideas from these ladies—and how it makes me feel that I’m not alone in my struggles, so I want to be that voice for someone too. I think it’s pretty cool.

The main reason I want to start this blog is to keep myself ACCOUNTABLE. That’s the magic word, yall.  I know how easy it is to sneak in a couple of cookies when you’re home alone and no one can “fuss” at you for shoving your mouth with as many will fit in there. Hey, I would never do that! Just sayin’. But when you have to report back all your food or exercise-related activities, it's alot easier to stay on track. Simple as that.

Anyway, I plan to blog mainly about my weightloss—foods I eat, recipes I try (I LOVE trying new recipes...I mean LOVE. Did I get my point across about that? LOVE), workouts I like, day to day life, fashion, all that fun stuff. I hope to gain a few readers (more than one would be swell) and make you laugh along the way. I will try to post atleast 3 times a week unless that gets too monotonous.  I didn’t say I was interesting, people! I’ll try to be though. I’ll also post lotsa pics for you to gaze adoringly at while you’re supposed to be working. Hope you all enjoy!

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