Monday, August 27, 2012

Carb Fest 2012

Well here we are at Monday again. Why do weekends fly by so fast? Brace yourself. It's a long post. Not necessarily a super interesting read, just want you all to be aware how easy it is to stray from your diet but how easy it is to bounce back!

A little re-cap: First off, I ate pizza twice this weekend. Only one time was really bad, the other time, I’d say I did a good job of keeping it under control. Let me explain.

Friday night, my husband and I went to dinner with his dad and stepmom. I intended to do very well. We went to the gym at 5:30 that morning and I have to say, I was in a great mood all day, surely because of that awesome workout. I admit to hoarding my calories all day to save for dinner. I was never hungry or anything, and still had my meals and snacks, I just chose lower calorie items. I feel like when dining out, there are always way more calories than you calculate, because you can’t truly know what goes into a dish unless you prepare it yourself. We went to a seafood restaurant. While the old Kassie would’ve ordered fried shrimp and fries, the new me ordered a veggie bowl with grilled shrimp. I also saw on the menu that you have the option of having them grill your dish in Pam instead of oil. Bingo! I requested they do that, and felt good about my choice. It came with a salad so that was filling to start. I get my dish and it looks great, till I start digging in. After a few bites I realize at the bottom of my bowl is a puddle of grease. It was disgusting. Although I probably should’ve sent it back at that point, I just HATE doing that. I feel like such a brat. I know, I know, my health is more important. I just really never send anything back unless it’s the wrong thing. I pretty much ate the top layer off my bowl and left the bottom of the veggies floating in its grease alone. With my workout and my calorie saving, I had A LOT of calories left for the day, so I didn’t feel quite as bad about it. Hey, I could’ve ordered fried shrimp alfredo or a fried seafood platter like I’ve done in the past. Pick yo battles, people. I managed to sneak a pic:

Saturday was extremely productive for me. S went to work at his mom's so I had the day to fill up. I went to the gym and burned 800 calories (woop woop!!) then headed to Drug Emporium. It’s not what you think. Basically it’s like a grocery store with extra health food. I love it there, and have been going since college. They have a huge array of protein bars and other healthy stuff, so I get all my Luna Bars there. My husband also just started having a protein bar for breakfast (he used to skip breakfast till I nagged him enough about it) so I picked some up for him too. I came home with this pile of goodness:


I also picked up some more PB2, which I use in protein shakes. This is so far, the only place I can find it locally. After my protein bar run, I headed home to have lunch and shower. Did that, then swung by the mall (on a Saturday, yes, I’m nuts) to pick up a gift for my godchild, who turned 11 this weekend. Being the great nanny I am, I got him a pair of LiveStrong Nike shorts, Livestrong shirt and gift card from Finish Line. (That sh*t ain't cheap, yall) Of course I realized, when he opened it, that I bought him an adult medium in both instead of youth! Great job girlfriend. We got a good laugh about it, but I felt so stupid! Here is my adorable godchild, Parker (left), my cousin Oliver and I for my wedding in April. Aren't they some cuties?

After the mall, I got my eyebrows waxed, which I love, due to being a freak of nature. Then I did some grocery shopping for the week and got ingredients for this week’s dinners. Crock pot Broccoli and Beef and Jalepeno Popper Chicken will be on this week’s menu. Probably won’t happen if the electricity goes out due to the looming hurricane, but if not, that’s the plan. After grocery shopping, I came home to get ready to go to dinner and ice skating with husband, aunt, uncle, godchild and his friends. He chose a pizza buffet. With my extra 800 calories burned, and about 500 calories left for the day, I felt safe. I did better than expected, though. Ate a huge salad to start and had two pieces of pizza and a bite of my husband’s mac n cheese. Not so bad.

The next day we went to lunch at my aunt’s and again, I did really well. All the dishes were high in calories and fat but I just had a tiny bit of each. It was dinner that got me.

While my husband was in the military, he lived in a dorm for a while. He always tells me about how twice a week they’d order Papa John’s and it was soooo good. I have never eaten there, and really didn’t care to try, but he everytime we pass by, he rants and raves. This time, I gave in. Don’t ask me why, I just said “ok, sure”. He ordered wings, a hot wing flavored pizza (I know, right? Trouble..) and a meat lovers pizza. Check it out:
I will admit I had no plans to try and be “good”. I was hungry and ready. I had a piece of the buffalo chicken pizza and two pieces of the meat lovers. To be honest, it so wasn't worth the cheat. Pizza Hut is a million times better, but I couldn't resist.  The Buffalo chicken pizza had tons of tiny little cut up onions on it, which I hate. I don't know why I can eat a huge sliced onion but the minute you dice them suckers up, I want to gag. (weirdo..) I'm glad I got it out of my system though, and it's in the past. I was only up .7 pounds this morning, which I was totally okay with. I figured with sodium alone I'd be up 3+ pounds. I was back at the gym this morning and counting my calories as soon as I woke up. I will bounce back from this weekend!
Of course, though, God has a way of joking with us and the first thing my boss tells me this morning is, "I was thinking we could just order a pizza today and work through lunch.." Hell nah! I couldn't believe it but I got a good laugh. I explained to her my weekend and she understood. Went home and had a Morningstar Veggie Chicken patty cut up on a salad and a Lean Cuisine Mac N Cheese. Not the greatest, but still better than the three slices of pizza each that my coworkers had! I can see how much of a vicious cycle this can be, so I refuse to get sucked in.
Husband is making sausage and peppers tonight, one of my least favorites. He loves it though, so I try to be a trooper. He uses super lean pork sausage and maybe a tsp of oil, so it isn't bad. I hope you all have a great week, and to my fellow Louisiana peeps, I hope Isaac doesn't getcha! I hope the electricity doesn't go off preventing me from getting into the gym :)

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