Friday, August 10, 2012


It’s Friday! Holla for a dolla! (That was a Honey Boo Boo Child Reference for those of you who lack enough class to watch it….like me)

So a little backstory,  I up and quit my full time job in January and began working from home on a business I started last year. Here I am, 8 months later, deciding that I’d much rather a steady paycheck and a little bit more of a steady schedule, so I started yet another full time job, still doing my business on the side. I thought working from home would be so great for my weight loss because I could go to the gym twice a day, cook my meals and just have freedom all around. The cooking part was nice, but a lot of times I found myself raiding the pantry between work. I also failed to do that twice a day gym thing I mentioned, aside from about 10 or 12 times in 8 months. I surprisingly have found that it’s easier for me to stick to eating healthy when I have an office job. Now, I just prepare two (or three if my husband’s home) servings of whatever I make for dinner, and pack it up that night for lunch the next day. If I bring my lunch, I don’t feel tempted to go pick up fast food because I already have something. Great calorie AND money saver! Also, snacking is cut down big time because I choose two snacks in the morning and sometimes I only eat one if I’m not hungry.  No pantry to raid here. 
 A typical work day looks like this, food-wise:

Breakfast- usually egg whites and 2 slices turkey bacon. If I’m really hungry I’ll add a cup of fruit, but normally I just chug my water and I’m full. If I’m running late, I grab a Luna Bar or make a protein shake (see last post’s recipe) and on weekends I might splurge on a little higher calorie breakfast of Banana bread protein pancakes, which I’ll post the recipe of soon!

Snack-I have been going to lunch early lately so no mid-morning snack. If I have anything, it’s fresh pineapple, a banana or an orange

Lunch-Leftovers from the night before or a salad. Leftovers always consist of a protein, atleast one veggie and sometimes a starch  (I pick up lunch from time to time. If so, I get Subway or something pretty healthy from another local restaurant.)

Afternoon snack- either a Luna bar (my favorites are Peppermint Stick and Chocolate Dipped Coconut), a fruit, or greek yogurt. I work till 7pm one night a week so I’ll usually do two snacks on those days.

Dinner-a salad with grilled chicken or a protein(chicken breasts, roasted bone-in, turkey burger or fish) and two veggies

SOMETIMES I find myself hungry by 8 or so if I eat dinner early. I’ll snack on a couple of almonds or carrots and hummus if so.

Here are a few (not so beautiful) pictures of some of the food I’ve eaten lately. I promise to improve on my presentation and photog skills one of these days!

Today's breakfast on a fancy paperplate? You are more than welcome to come do my dishes if you want to:)

Those scrumdidlyumptious protein pancakes I told you about

Some of my go-to snacks..and my bff coffee (I put a Splenda and unsweet vanilla almond milk in mine)

Lunch and a Cosmo:) Love me some Cosmo! That's grilled chicken, wheat pasta with a tiny bit Light Alfredo sauce by Bertolli and of course broccoli. I saved the yogurt for later that afternoon.

Some dinners. (Top) Grilled chicken breast, cauliflower and a few roasted potatoes seasoned with Ranch Dressing powder. Excuse the sweet shadow from my hand and iPhone. (Bottom) Grilled Jenny O Turkey burger, green beans, quinoa and Walden Farms BBQ sauce. I discovered Walden Farms during the most horrifyingly depressing months of my life the time I did Ideal Protein. Basically they are zero cal, zero sugar, zero fat and zero carb dressings and sauces. Yeah, I wonder what the hell is in there too, but anyway, I think they're all disgusting but the BBQ sauce is tolerable. I like to dip chicken in something, so this is usually it.

We have no plans this weekend so far, but my husband is home so I'm sure there will be something going on. I will update on Monday with a post about you're favorite topic, WORKING OUT (not!) Have a good weekend yall.

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