Thursday, August 23, 2012

TGI Almost F

One more day till Friday! I can’t wait for the weekend. Not because I have tons of super fun plans or anything, but because I will finally get some “me” time, as well as “hubby and me” time. I feel like with my work schedule I just can’t take a breath. It’ll be nice to have the two days off.

Tonight I’m thinking of picking up some salmon or tilapia from Fresh Market and attempting to make it delicious. I’ve had salmon before, just haven’t cooked it myself, so we’ll see. I just want something different. Lately it’s been chicken or ground turkey every single day. Well, last night I did have this ugly looking, but delicious, tuna wrap.

I bought Flat Outs to make pizzas with but they are just too thin to make pizzas, I'm sorry. I will try them as wraps and quesadillas instead. They are only 45 calories too! I also attempted to make cheesy broccoli with a wedge of laughing cow cheese. I got the idea on one of the message boards on My Fitness Pal. The idea was great, the flavor not so much. Won’t be trying that one again.


This week’s rotation will feature skinny enchiladas, a Vietnamese veggie and beef dish and hopefully, salmon.  We normally eat out once or twice when my husband is home, so I’m sure that will be happening too. I’m determined though. I will get that scale moving! It’s been VERY frustrating for me lately. I’ve been working out like a crazy person, counting every calorie, and still not seeing the scale move. Plus, I haven’t eaten fast food once (big deal for me people).  I started going home for lunch instead of bringing my lunch to work. I realized that I have time, and I’d rather eat at home than the slimy, nasty lunch room. I also bought a heart rate monitor (post on that tomorrow) and got some great advice from a friend with the same goals as me!

During the week I tried this potato/green bean/chicken bake thing.
 I read Elle Noel's blog about it, and knew I had pinned it a while back, so I figured this would be something good to make with lots of left overs. Super easy too. The consensus: it was good, but not spicy enough for me. The seasoning it called for was Italian Dressing mix. I bought three packets because I know I can use them for different things. I also like to keep ranch dressing packets on hand too (it's GREAT on potatoes--cut them up, toss in a tbsp of olive oil then mix with ranch seasoning and bake!) I ended up adding garlic powder, onion powder, and salt free Cajun seasoning after I tasted it. I also used about half of the amount of butter it called for and felt it still had too much. I’ll definitely make this again, just tweak it a little. It didn’t help that I started it after getting home at 7, and it takes about an hour and a half to prep and cook. Hungry Kassie ain’t a happy Kassie, yall.

The only thing we have planned this weekend is my godchild Parker’s birthday lunch. Nothing too fancy, just family going to my aunt’s house. Yes, the same aunt who makes the best fattening but oh so yummy everything. My husband will be working at his mom’s all day so I’ve already decided I’ll eat a light breakfast, work it out in the gym and watch my portions for lunch. Everything in moderation people! We usually try to brainstorm things to do on the weekends, long before they come. My husband and I have been laying very low lately though. We usually just go to dinner and a movie or try to find something to do during the day. I really really want us to meet and hang out with other couples because we are SO bored when we have free time. The problem is, the friends we do have, have either one or two small children and can’t just drop everything to hang out. That is totally understandable and we still love our friends (and their adorable chitlins), but we are literally the only couple in the group that is not with-child. We’ve even tried making plans WAY in advance. I’m talking a month before, and something always gets in the way. We need more friends. I mean, we are pretty awesome so this shouldn’t be too hard. My only friend without a baby (or baby on the way) lives about 40 minutes away and has an amazing family who goes HARD on the weekends lol..I’m talking, they throw down.  I don’t blame her for not wanting to venture out to boring-town.
Sorry for such a long-winded post about nothing, but tomorrow’s will be better, I promise. I just bought the best invention ever, a heart rate monitor, so tomorrow’s post will feature info about that and tons of YUMMY food pictures. Ciao!

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  1. I bet the ranch packet on the chicken/veggie/ bake deal was awesome! Something tells me you are one super bad ass chick in the kitchen! I'm loving all these tips!