Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Isaac and the time I almost inhaled a bag of stale chocolate chips

What's up my peeps! Okay, yeah I'm a little energized this morning. I got in a quick workout and have Starbucks in my system so I'm ready to kick Friday's ass!

I had the last two days off of work due to Hurricane Isaac. First let me say, we are so extremely lucky here to not have had any damage or lost any homes. My mom's home, about 20 minutes away has been flooded twice (both times while I was still living at home), and while we didn't totally lose our home like alot of people, we were displaced for several months. It's not a fun thing, but I feel even worse for people who lose all their belongings and their homes. I pray for those people every night because I just can't even imagine.

Thankfully, we never even lost electricity. The place I work was closed for two days because of the road conditions. While it wasn't hurricane-like here, it was still pretty dangerous to be on the roads. My husband also stayed home an extra day because he flies to work on a helicopter (that's right, I'm married to James Bond). While it was nice to have him home and safe, we were about ready to strangle each other by last night. That's love, yall.

I wanted very badly to stock up on junk food for the day (or more) I thought we'd be stuck at home. I didn't though. I bought a bag of shell-on peanuts, low sodium beef jerky and THIS AMAZINGNESS:
Leigh Ann, you would LOVE this. It's a bit higher than your regular popcorn, but the flavor is AMAZING. 2 1/2 cups is 130 calories. I think I am addicted.
Tuesday afternoon, we got sent home from work at 2, so I stopped by the grocery store to stock up. No junk though. I got in a last minute work out and headed home to cook. I made stuffed chicken breasts for dinner and my husband and I sat on the patio enjoying the pre-hurricane breeze. It was really nice. The calm before the storm, literally! Our neighbors heard us talking and walked over to invite us to patio drink with them. We love our neighbors! We even love their dog. Before I knew it, I was 2 bottles of wine down and it was 3am. We decided to call it a night and my husband woke up with a hangover on Wednesday. I felt fine and went on with normal business. Made egg whites and turkey bacon, caught up on my reality shows and enjoyed the lazy time. Finally my husband drug himself out of bed and ate leftover Papa John's pizza. I had tuna on a flatout wrap and was not even a little jealous of his junk food. That pizza was not work the calories. For dinner he made rice and gravy (a southern thing) but we used brown rice to make it a little bit healthier.
I did great all that day. Then came Thursday. Isaac was long gone, in fact, the sun was out! I was itching to get out of the house, but we had to wait till noon to get word if S had to go back to work that afternoon or  this morning. As soon as they said this morning, we were out the door. My lovely Aunt Flo has paid a visit so I was craving junk. Normally, this doesn't happen, but for some reason, all I wanted was deep fried anything. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and pretty much went all out. Wings and fries. It was heaven and honestly, worth every calorie. Stupid me calculated what I ate AFTER I ate it and was quite horrified. Got my fix though. We then went sofa shopping and came home again. I still did not want to be home and that's when the scavenging began. I wanted chocolate, and I wanted it right then and there. I was thisclose to going to the grocery store to buy brownie mix or ice cream.
I didn't though. Instead, I settled for a hand full of stale mini chocolate chips. Yeah, that's how desperate I was. It sorta did the trick and it was over. I had a salad for dinner with a Morning Star chicken patty cut up on top. Those things are so good. You'd swear they are made of real chicken.
I'm determined to get in another work out tonight, and then another before tailgating on Saturday. Saturday will be a test. I've never tailgated on a diet! Wish me luck and I'll be back soon. Holla for a dolla honey boo boo!

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  1. I honestly laughed out loud at your post title! What is it about hurricane's that make us want junk? I ate roughly 429 peanut butter M&M's on Wednesday. FML. I'm already thinking about that popcorn!! Oh and tail gating on a diet. We are in the same boat. Daiquiri Supreme has a sugar free crystal light and vodka daiquiri thats new to them. I think I'm going to roll with it!