Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Manic Monday

Happy Monday yall! This weekend was fairly busy for me, meaning it went by way too fast. I did get a lot done though. Here’s a little run through.

Friday was The. Longest. Work. Day. Ever.  At 5, I dashed over to TJ Maxx (one of my absolute favorite bargain shopping spots) and bought an outfit to wear that night. I feel like I always wear the same things, plus it was pay day so I decided I deserved a new outfit!

I went home, changed, freshened up my makeup and went to meet three friends for sushi. We get there around 7:00 and, this place is pretty popular anyway, but at 7pm on a Friday, it’s outrageous. I figured there would be a little bit of a wait but it was TWO and a half hours. I thought my friends would decide to go somewhere else, but nope, they wanted to wait and drink it up till the table was ready. I should let yall know, Friday morning, I was not leaving my bed two hours early to work out, so I planned my day accordingly and kept my calories down as much as possible. I had this yummy lunch at McCalisters though.

 I took off half of the cheese, didn't eat the croutons, and added half a packet of light butter to my potato.

So by 7, I was so hungry. Sushi has always been hard for me to calculate, even back in my Weight Watchers days, so I like to leave a lot of room. Plus I know that rice and the amazing sauce they drizzle over it is all is not so calorie light. I didn’t drink because I’d rather eat my calories, duh. This amazingness happened finally around 9.

Of course that’s not all for me. I ordered the cucumber wrap (bonus: no rice) and split another roll with one of the girls. I was so happy to eat! I got home around 11 and couldn’t fall asleep till 1:00. Of course, the next day, on a day I don’t have to wake up early, I am up at 5:30am rarin’ to go. I ate egg whites and turkey bacon, did some laundry and dishes and headed to the gym. Remember when I talked about completing my longest run ever in my last post? Guess what, this beast BEAT her longest run ever, the very next day. Oh yeah, oh yeah! I was pumped. It gave me such a burst of energy, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, more walking on the treadmill and did a great arm workout. I burned some serious calories but was also being conservative with my calorie intake on Saturday because of a wedding I had that night. When I work a wedding (i.e. assist another wedding planner with a wedding), I never know when or what I’ll have for dinner, so I save a lot of calories. We all know wedding food ain’t healthy. Especially in the south where it’s buffet style.  I ended up heading to the reception venue at 6, with about 700 calories left for the day. I had a small plate of food that couldn’t have been more than 400 calories. I figured I could always eat something once I got home if I was hungry. I got home around 11:30 and had half of a Luna bar I ate before the wedding.

Sunday, I had another great gym session. I can honestly say that the gym was the last place I wanted to be yesterday. At first I was all like:

But then after working out, I was like:

See what a difference a work out makes! I’d call this one successful. Yeah, it’s gross, but to me it means it’s working!

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  1. I wish I could say Tsunami doesn't count in my calorie counting but I would totally be lying to myself!