Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What’s a girl with 236 calories left for the day at 2:18pm to do?

First, an inspiration picture. This is a ridiculously embarrasing montage of me at my lowest adult weight (around 155). Keep in mind, these were my college years, and the bunny ears were for my best friend's bachelorette party, so don't ask. I just want to remind myself that I once looked like this, and thought I was huge, but how much I'd love to be this weight again, and even lower!

Moving on...
So every now and then, I get too lazy to “plan” and end up finding myself with 236 calories left for the day…and it’s only 2:00. Today is one of those days, and I can’t help but feel like a moron for not planning better. Tuesdays are rough for me because I don’t get home from work till 7:15. Unless something is cooked and can be re-heated, I end up making dinner and eating at 8:30. I haaaate doing this. Last night, my husband was exhausted, so I texted his parked-in-the-recliner-butt and told him what I wanted. Don’t get any bright ideas people, in involves feeding my face.

Haha, see how I get my way. Anyway, we decided to try this new restaurant in our town called Cheddar’s that I’ve heard is delicious. It also just opened, and I live in a relatively small city, so for the first few monthsm, you couldn’t even find a space to park. It’s been a little bit though, so we figured a Tuesday night would be ideal to try it out. I know they have a pretty good selection of healthy dishes, so I was pumped and motivated. I get there first, and go to reserve a table. 45 minute wait. EH EH. This girl is not waiting forty five minutes. I call hubby and try to come up with a new plan. He picks a Mexican restaurant. I find it pretty difficult to be good at a Mexican restaurant. Yeah, there’s fish, but who wants that when they’re stuff covered in queso? I did decent and ordered chicken fajitas with corn tortillas instead of flour. This wouldn’t have been SUCH a bad choice if not drenched in butter or grease, whatever they’re using these days. While this wasn’t the best choice, it couldn’t be worse. I could’ve ordered what my husband did, and had a deep fried burrito covered in cheese. Okay, it was called something fancier than that, but that’s basically what it was. I would’ve taken a picture to post, but didn’t want to torture you all. Anyway, we got home around 8:45 and I had to wash my hair, leaving me in no mood to cook or get something ready to bring for lunch today. Womp womp.

I figured I would get Subway today for lunch, easy and cheap. Well there went half my calories. I had a protein shake for breakfast. Seen here:

It was extremely filling, but I doubled the recipe since that was all I was having. I ate quickly for lunch because I had to go to Target to pick up some treats for my man. Side note: Like I mentioned before, he has been working so hard lately, I wanted to do something nice for him. The man doesn’t get told thank you near enough, and he is pretty much Superman. See, this was AFTER he got stuck waiting an hour and a half just to have my oil changed for me while I was at the gym.

I got him this:

And some beef jerky, a pack of redbulls and will stop again on my way home to pick up some tiramisu gelato I discovered at Tarjay’. I’m a girl that loves my husband, yall. And you can bet your bottom dolla I won’t waste my 4 calories left for the day on that frozen goodness. I just hope he eats it all so it isn’t staring at me all week while he’s gone.

Anywho, since I didn’t bring any snacks today either (I am a girl who needs snacks, okay? Otherwise I feel like jumping face first into a bucket of nacho cheese), I decided to pick up a few things at Target to stock my desk with. I found this adorable little pack, for a whopping 130 calories.

 It was $2.39, but I’ll definitely make little snack packs like this at home to save money. It was the perfect combo of sweet and salty. There was another pack with pretzals instead of grapes, too. A lot of times lately, I find myself eating kids snacks, but who cares, they are filling and low in calories.

 I tried this on Monday: for only 100 calories but threw it away. Not my cup o’ tea. It was basically just bitter applesauce.

I also bought a 100 calorie pack of carrots and ranch dressing just to hold me over if I need it. I work till 6:30 this afternoon due to a speech I have to give about my department. Am I the only freak of nature who loves public speaking?

Tonight for dinner we are having chicken breasts, leftover corn and mashed cauliflower. I’ll measure out my chicken breasts and if I go over, may just have to bribe my dear husband to go for a walk with me. I never go to the gym after 8:30 on week nights because then I’m wired till 11.

Tomorrow I only work 8am-5pm so I will probably get in a run in the morning and do some weights after work. My husband is heading back to work at the buttcrack of dawn, which I find makes my schedule a lot more manageable…mainly because I don’t have much going on when he’s home, and only have myself to worry about for dinner.

This weekend will be a busy one though—sushi with friends on Friday night, a wedding to assist with on Saturday night and Sunday I am meeting with a potential new bride. I will attempt to get in 4 workouts this weekend—wish me luck! See ya on FridayJ

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