Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kassie and the Crockpot Catastrophe

Hey honey boo boo's! And welcome to my blog, to all my new readers. You're actually joining at a great time because Friday I'm doing a vlog link up with Holly, my favorite fellow Bill Clinton lova girl. You'll get to hear my adorable horrifyingly southern accent and laugh your biscuits off (a little more Honey Boo Boo humor coming at you).

I really don't have anything super exciting to say today because I planned on posting about two GREAAAAT recipes I've tried in the past few days. Only that won't work out because one tasted like feet and one made me feel like my head was detached from my body. Barrel of fun, huh?

I finally tried a cauliflower pizza crust, after seeing all my friends pinning it on Pinterest. I need to realize that most of the time, people pin stuff and never try it. They pin the idea of it, I think. So just because tons of people pin it, that doesn't make it good. It was ALOT of trouble to make and took forever to prep. It tasted like mashed up, uncooked cauliflower and was a total waste of perfectly good cheese.

Yesterday, I tried Crockpot Buffalo Chicken. I won't even link up with the recipe because I don't want you to try it. It's that Pinterest recipe that calls for frozen chicken breasts, a whole freakin bottle of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing mix. I used half a bottle because that just seemed absurd to me. It was a little dry due to less liquid but it still looked and smelled amazing. Plus it was easy! Dump and go.

 I got home 9 hours after turning on my crockpot and shredded the chicken. I served it on a lettuce wrap and discovered I had no ranch dressing. No problem, I thought. Less calories to use and I love buffalo sauce on anything. Well, I stand corrected. A small amount of buffalo sauce on chicken is one thing. Buffalo sauce seeping into every square centimenter of my chicken ain't good yall. Oh. em. gee. I took three bites and threw it away. Not only was it too hot but the sodium made me instantly feel sick. I just couldn't do it. I ate a banana and peanut butter instead because I wasn't all that hungry to begin with. I would suggest you not try this recipe. Had my husband been home, of course he would've gobbled it right up, but since it was just me, in to the trash can it went.

I promise to have better recipes to share with ya'll one day! They normally don't turn out this bad so I'll get back to the drawing board!

In other news, tomorrow is group run #3 with our Running Clinic and I am sad to report that I'm kinda dreading it. That won't stop me though! I have way more poundage to get rid of and running surely does the trick. Leigh Ann and I will do our normal Saturday run bright and early so we can head off to tailgating and drink back our calories burned hang out with great friends and support our home team!

More on the weekend tomorrow though! Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. We should firgure out how to make a caorie-less daiquiris. Now that would something huh!? Tomorrow's run is gonna be awesome! You got that!

  2. I pin and never try. Yep that is me.. Cauliflower crust is "meh". I made these mini pizza things one time and they were good for the first 3 bites and then it all went crumbling downhill. Oh and Leigh Ann and you are rocking it. You totally got this.

  3. I am a pin and no try girl. I swear every recipe i used to try on there was a big fat fail. The only thing I have made on there that is tasty is the grilled pork baslamic tenderloin. I guess one out of a million isnt too bad!

  4. Hahaha this cracks me up...I swear, more of my pins are just plain failures. But that's okay, at least we're attempting them, right?? And I'm now for Leigh Ann's suggestions...sugar free daiquiris are right up my alley! Count me in :)

    1. That's right, it doesn't hurt to try!

      P.S. Their is a "skinny" daiquiri sold at a daiquiri shop on Bourbon..I think we're going to need to make a New Orleans trip sooner rather than later just to assist you in finding the spot that sells them:)

  5. I love you and your cooking disasters... and sometimes a peaunut butter sandwich is the best kind of dinner.

    AND.... I can't wait to hear your southern accent, lady!!

  6. At least my cooking disasters have a purpose-entertainment! lol. It's a good thing I always test new recipes when my husband is out of town working. Poor guy always eats what I cook, whether it tastes like asphalt or roadkill.

  7. New to you blog and I love your humor! I thought for a second that buffalo chicken was actually uncooked sketti sauce from Honey Boo Boo!

    I wonder if the cauliflower crust recipe was very different from the one I use. Me and my little family love it as much as you can love a not really pizza pizza. My daughters bday party was one big Pinterest fail! I think we should start commenting on the pins that are false advertising!