Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Difference a Year Makes: Progress Pictures

All of us on a journey to lose weight and be happy with the way we look have come to this point.
The point when you can’t even fit into your “fat clothes” or you don’t recognize yourself in a picture.
The point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and can’t bear to go another day without making a change.

For some of us, this takes trying and failing at every diet out there. For me, that’s exactly what happened. I got to a point where I thought nothing has worked so this is just how I’m meant to be. I wasn’t confident or comfortable, but nothing was going to change, so I had to accept it. I have even been told by friends and loved ones that I should just accept myself as I was and be happy. But I wasn’t. Who were they to just tell me to just stay as I was and not change? I’ve even been given the line, “We live in the South, our food is too good to be on a diet”. My grandma has even said to me “We’re all fat, this is just your genetics, stop making yourself miserable”. I wish I was kidding.

 All my years of struggling with my weight, it never really “clicked” until I saw the Picture. I think a lot of us experience mirror haze, whether it be for the worst or better. I knew I was overweight, but I never thought I was AS big as I looked in this picture. My mom had a 70’s themed party for her 50th birthday. All my cousins rent or bought cute costumes to wear. I went to the Party store and figured the Men’s size Large bell bottom costume pants would fit, and I could wear a shirt I already had. Bought some costume glasses and a headband and would make do with that. I got home and the men’s large STRETCHY pants would not go over my hips. Must be a defect. I returned them and wore my own jeans. We all had a blast. My cousin posted pictures the following Monday. I didn’t expect to be in any of them because at this point I had stopped posing for pictures. I had just gotten engaged the July before and I was topping out at my highest weight. I never thought I’d post this here, but I weighed 204 pounds. (Shout out to my now-husband for putting a ring on my chubby finger anyway!) I had just had a failed attempt at trying Ideal Protein with a friend after getting engaged. I was miserable the whole time so I quit, like every other diet I had tried. I came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t feel beautiful on my wedding day. Looking back, I see how sad that is. Anyway, back to the picture. The minute I laid my eyes on it, I was horrified. Did I really look this bad? Was it a bad angle? Surely it was a bad angle. I immediately untagged myself and shuffled through the rest to make sure I wasn’t in any others. I blew it off for a few minutes but kept going back to that picture. Keep in mind, the whole 70’s party thing, I normally don’t dress like this in real life…

I remember looking in the mirror and thinking those jeans made me look thin. Really?

Earlier this week, I hit the 20 pound mark(keep in mind I haven't really been serious about weightloss till July or so), so I thought I’d do a post about my journey thusfar. Looking through countless pictures and not finding a “before”, I remembered the 70’s party picture. I found it and realized it has been exactly a year since this picture was taken. To the day. It wasn’t until I compared my 20 lbs lost picture to the 70’s party picture that I realized what a transformation I have made. I am by no means “done”, but I feel so proud. I could’ve easily, easily gained 20 pounds in a year. While I could’ve lost more, I know slow and steady wins the race. I’d still like to lose another 35-40, but I am so content right now with the rate of my progress. I know my body can do things now that it couldn’t have done 20 pounds ago. The first time I tried to run, I barely lasted 40 seconds. Now, I can run 2 miles without stopping. One day, I’ll run 13 miles. One day, I’ll lose 20 more pounds. And I’ll have done it without the help of any diet. Just eating healthy and staying active. I also could not do it without the support of all you wonderful readers who leave me nothing but love all the time.  I think about you often during my hard runs. When I want to quit, I can’t. I have to keep going. It’s the same with this journey. I can’t stop until I’m healthy. It feels good to know I’m well on my way.

A few comparisons:

The picture on the left was the day I got engaged. My face was so full here, I barely recognize myself. The picture on the right was taken two weeks ago.
October 16th, 2011 (L) October 17th, 2012 (R) Who looks happier?


  1. You look great! Keep up the good work! I'm definitely cheering you on. Team Kassie, woohoo!

  2. I had tears! Can't we all relate to that moment? You look amazing and gorgeous (always do!) and are doing so well! You'll be running 13.1 before you know it!

  3. Wow, Kassie! What a powerful post. The weight loss in your face is the first thing I have noticed lately-- especially your instagram photos.

    And you are so right about that moment when you stop accepting the fat. I think it takes hitting rock bottom to get the rear in gear.

    You have worked so hard and been so honest about your jouney! Cheers to twenty freaking pounds!!

  4. Kassie my Lordy girl. This was an amazing post. You have worked so hard and your results have paid off. I can always tell in the face and you are so right, you look so much happier. Congrats on the 20lb mark. You are a true inspiration.

  5. Wow! I can't wait til my comparison pics start to look like this! Good for you!!!

  6. Awesome post, so encouraging! I can't wait to hit that 20 pound mark, I have a horrible picture that was pretty much my rock bottom moment, it was hard to even post it on my blog. You are incredible, I can't wait to see your next progress picture.

  7. You look great! Aren't you so glad you didn't settle for jeans "that made you look thin"? Wait until next years before and after!

  8. Wow, you look amazing! I messaged you on facebook last week about the running apps. I started my first week of c25k. It is TOUGH! You're definitely my inspiration. I'm starting at about the same weight. Can't wait for my 20lb loss picture. Keep up the good work. :)

    1. Aw I am so glad you are pushing through! I know in the beginning you feel like it's unlikely you'll ever be a "runner" but like I told you, it's amazing what your body will start being able to do! Please keep me posted on your running journey:)

  9. You are doing so great and you do look so much happier =) Can't wait to follow you along and watch you shrink even more =) ... Way to go girl!

  10. Congrats lady!! You look great! This journey is rough but we can all do it as long as we have each other!

  11. Oh my gosh! You're amazing.
    That's a lot of time, sweat, and committment. You go, girl.

  12. This is incredible. I'm so proud of you! You truly are an inspiration! Just keep going and you will accomplish all your goals, I know it. I started running at *gasp* 233 lbs. I could barley waddle for 30 seconds. I trained for a Marathon, finished a half-marathon, and am SO excited to do my second half-marathon in the spring and see how i've improved. Now at 192lbs I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there! Slow progress is still progress!

  13. You look amazing! I'll put this out there, I weighed 209 this past January when I delivered my daughter. I dropped down to around 170 pounds pretty quickly, but since then have been yo-yoing up and down between 170 and 180. How tall are you? I'm 5'4". You look awesome! I can't wait until I have a 20 pound weight loss picture! We need to be BBFs! I mean we do look alike from the EYEBALLS up and all! Haha!

  14. What wonderful progress!! It seems God pointed you to those pictures exactly a year ago because what a coincidence. I think you look like you've lost a lot more than 20 pounds and the happiness truly shows on your "now" pictures. You are an amazing blogger and keep up the great work!