Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend recap and running for my life

Good morning skinny ladies! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Mine was jam packed with friend and family time so I can’t complain. I only wish it could’ve been longer. Here is my super long  weekend recap!

Friday night, my husband cooked dinner and our neighbors that we love unnatural amounts came over. It’s so great that my husband gets along so well with JD and I get along so well with J. We also love their kids and even their dog. My husband made super rich pasta which I was dreading but I had maybe half a big spoonful, so I did well. I loaded up on salad and drank tons of water before hand.

Saturday morning, my husband had the bright idea to run to our gym, get in a quick arm workout then run home. Our first mistake was not calculating how far the gym was from where we live. We estimated about a mile and a half to two miles, but it turned out being closer to three. No problem on the way there, but the way back was torture. I tried to negotiate with my husband to run home and get the car to pick me up, but he politely declined lol..Atleast I burned a ton of calories!

After we showered and got decent, we had my family reunion to go to. Over all, it was nice to spend time with my immediate family, but getting introduced to tons of strangers isn’t really loads of fun. A fun fact about the reunion: a guy I “dated?” before my husband came into the picture arrived a few hours after we did. Instantly panicked a little thinking, WE ARE RELATED?! Before realizing he was there with a relative, phew. Crisis averted!

We stayed there from around 11am-3pm. The food there was delicious and so unhealthy, but I had a tiny bit of everything and I had just burned over 1,000 calories so I wasn’t about to starve, thanks! I opted out of drinking, and chugged water and one diet root beer. Diet A&W is my new love. I let myself have one a weekJ
One of S’s friends just bought a house about three blocks from ours and they were grilling as sort of a housewarming that afternoon. We sat outside in their massive yard and watched their kids play. I ate my weight in hummus and pita chips. I didn’t have much for dinner because the food to people ratio was a little off and I would’ve felt bad grabbing the last chicken leg. We left pretty early and watched a movie on the couch before calling it a night.

Sunday we went to my mom’s for lunch because it was her birthday Friday. She just had a huge patio built so it was really nice to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. After lunch, S wanted to shoot his new gun with his dad to make sure the scope was right for a big hunting trip they have coming up. Yes, we are those kind of people.  

After all of that fun, we drove home and realized we had nothing to cook for dinner. We decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse and I may or may not have eaten three huge cheese fries, covered in bacon, cheese and grease, before my meal even came out. It is what it is, people.

Tonight I have a two mile run to complete, but Saturday’s run will be the killer. Five miles, yall! I find running in the morning is way harder than in the afternoon. Does anyone else feel that way? I better get used to it though, since most races are bright and early. I’ve been toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon at the beginning of next year, but I think I may be a little out of my league. Any advice?


  1. Love the outfit!! Mad props to you for running a near round trip 6 miles- boss lady!! I hate family reunions. Boring, awkward, tons of strangers you're supposed to feel close to ugh. No fun! You are rocking it!! Get it girl!

  2. I started a Half Marathon training program...but I haven't decided to sign up for one yet. It's definitely one of my goals over the next year...but right now the longest distance I've done is 5mi on the treadmill - I guess I'm just scared to commit to a Half at this point, even though I know I will in the future! You can totally do's not out of your league! Nothing is! It's all about preparing and training...and if you do those things than anything is possible!

  3. Sign up for the 1/2! I'm thinking of doing the Rock & Roll 1/2 in New Orleans in February. And trust me, if its out of anyone's league, it's mine!! But we have plenty of time to train for it. Get it girl!

    1. That is exactly the half I'm talking about! Might have to meet up:)

  4. You can totally do a half! It takes motivation- which you've totally got! I had a blast at my half last spring and I"m looking forward to it again for sure next spring!

  5. YAY you can do the half - I mean it. SIGN UP!!!! It is so rewarding. I will virtual train with you - I am doing another one in April. COME ON!

  6. Sign up, Kassie!! That will get your rear in gear like no other. {Maybe I should take my own adive}. And I LOVE the color of your new skinnies..... Skinny Minnie. :)

  7. OMG now I am craving Texas Roadhouse!! :)

  8. cute outfit! Great job on making healthy choices all weekend, it ain't easy!!! Girl, if you can do 3 to the gym, a workout, and 3 back home you can totally run a half!

  9. I love that you say "shit ton" it makes me think of Kenny Powers!!!!