Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Motivation-Get you some!

Where do you get your motivation? Seeing the scale move is definitely fabulous, but sometimes it’s not enough. And then, what about when the scale isn’t moving? These past few days, people have made little comments to me that have given me a little extra push to keep on going with the weight loss thing, and validation that it’s working. While I  am on this journey for myself—to feel good about myself, comfortable in my own skin and happy with the way I look, sometimes a compliment here and there is a little bit of extra motivation.

This weekend was extremely busy for me. I had a wedding to coordinate all day Saturday. Being on my feet for 8 hours and eating wedding food hardly had me feeling beautiful. But immediately after I was done with the wedding, I had another wedding to attend as a guest. My husband’s cousin got married Saturday night. He was at work so I attended alone. I got so many compliments on how good I looked and how much weight I looked like I had lost. Two relatives even sat down and asked what I was doing to be looking so great. This made me feel like a million bucks! It was probably easier for them to see a change because I had not seen them all since April when it was our turn to get married. S’s skinny cousins with great bodies were telling me I looked amazing! Can I get a hell yeah?! (And of course I have not one picture of my blue dress from Old Navy that I bought last week and wore to the wedding. I'll try and snap a picture next time I wear it)

Fast forward to last night. Since I couldn’t get my 5 miles in on Saturday because of the weddings, I aimed to do it last night.

(this is about as cold as it gets in Louisiana)

I bought a brand new pair of running shoes, but they were the same brand and model (?...lol..) as my last pair. About a mile in, I got a shooting pain in my left foot, on the side. I tried to push through it but I didn’t want to injure myself, a week and a half before our 10k! I ended up walking a bit then ultimately changing into my old shoes. I am not sure if the best thing to do is to keep trying to break them in on shorter runs or to return them. Any thoughts on this runner friends? I don’t think it would be wise to wear them for the 10k next Saturday.

After putting on my older shoes, I got back into the zone and kept running. Then, my shins started to burn. I mean, bad. Then, this came on:


I downloaded it last night after putting it off, thinking it would be cheesy. Hell to the no! It pushed me to go farther and faster. I felt like Rocky. Well not really.

And finally. this morning, I woke up to an email from my husband. This isn’t rare when he is at work, because he’s usually up really early so he shoots me a “good morning”. This morning’s was a little different though.

How sweet is he?! I just recently told him I had a blog, but never really elaborated. He knew it was about weight loss but I thought he might think it was silly. Come on ladies, we all know our husbands can lose weight by just looking at a treadmill. I was afraid he’d think I was going overboard, because honestly, losing weight can be as simple as calorie counting and working out. But for me, and I’m sure most of you, the support of my blog gets me through the plateaus and the rough spots. I was so thrilled that he read it and he liked it. It made me want to go out and run five miles right then and there! Of course I didn’t have time this morning, otherwise I would’ve.

That’s all for today. But before I go, make sure you have emailed me at kassiemromero@gmail.com if you want to participate in the Swag Swap in the month of November. You have until Thursday to sign up! I have gotten a GREAT participation rate so far, so I know this will be a fun oneJ


  1. Getting compliments feels amazing! I'm looking forward to that on our next trip to visit my family I haven't seen since january!

  2. Oh gossssssh, your husbands msg - cue melting heart. So sweet!

    Hmm, with the shoes - do NOT wear them any more until your race. That'd be my advice for now. Stick with the old ones that work. It might just need a little breaking into, but don't do it now, just to be safe!

    Motivation is a HARD one. I certainly can fall off for weeks at a time. When it comes to exercise, I like to tell myself - You can't take days off work at a time because you just don't "feel like it" - I treat working out as a job sometimes. It may not be pretty, I may certainly not want to go and do it, but it HAS to be done!

    I think I've rambled enough :P

  3. Awww! You husband is sweet! Mine kinda gets that I have a blog but I don't think he is really sure what a blog is! LOL!! Reading yours and everyone else's blogs are my motivation right now and of course my devil of a friend, the SCALE!!

  4. Great motivational song. Rocky is one of those series I could watch every year. One band that pushes me is ACDC - something about those guys belting it out makes me run a muck:)

    I think that message was adorable - how sweet is he. I know Eric doesn't read my blog, sometimes I wishes he would but whatev!

    Anwhoo - you do look amazing and should be so proud of yourself. You are an inspiration to me and I am happy to ride along on your journey:)

  5. I love me some Rocky!
    And girl you are looking FABULOUS! Keep up the good work!
    Also you hubs is too sweet!

  6. Awww HE is a keeper! You are so cute and you look great!

  7. Way to go girl!

    Your hubs sounds so sweet! Mine does not read my blog. :(

    Great idea for a song!

  8. Gotta love the Rocky anthem! And really, I don't know how you squeeze it in every day, while pulling two BIG jobs! You rock, Kassie!

  9. You are awesome! What a blessing to have such great support from your husband. I have tried and tried again so many times that my husband supports me but just "doesn't want to hear about it"... can't say that I blame him. But be thankful for that support girl!! No one in my "real life" knows about my blog, at the moment I kind of think of it as a "journal" of sorts - I don't mind if complete strangers read it but not my family and friends! ha ha ... maybe some day though.

  10. Good job girl. Getting those compliments make it all worth it. That is so adorable about your hubby. I would stick to your old shoes until the race is over.

  11. You are totally on the right path, I pull motivation from everywhere too, people, music, new shoes :) You got this girl!

  12. OMG this is just too cute. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man! Keep him around =]